Info PSA: Save Wizard Max for PS4 DOES work on PS5


I'm not thrilled that Yakuza 6 won't allow cross-save, but most other PS4 titles (including the ones that get a next-gen upgrade/update) save wizard works fine fo

I'm sure they'll update it over time for PS5 anyway. Funny coincidence seeing this thread as a friend just bought it today.
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Sorry to be a downer, but though it will work for offline games, once you go online in a game, it should be relatively painless for a pub/dev to notice your character has had extraordinary gains, out-of-spec values, passing checksum validations, or worse using an identical save-file as players.  Sure if the game includes a cheat menu or dev controls (such as Subnautica or Surviving Mars), then the dev/pub knows they left the barn door open, but multiplayer games typically don't have those.  In 2020 & beyond, the ramifications of 1 cheat in 1 game can have sweeping consequences if you get locked out of online-licensed content, and Hyperkin won't give a fuck if you get locked out of a game or PSN itself. :shame:

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