Intel Retail Edge Program (must work at a Retailer)


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Hey CAG's - I've been on here for over 12 years and never thought to have a thread about the Intel Retail Edge site. Cheapy said to throw it here, so here it is!

I am a DM on the Intel Promoter team during the day, so I can try to answer any questions, but you'll need to reach out to the Intel Retail Edge support team with any issues.

(1) Must work at a Retailer that sells Intel products. A lot of Retailers are eligible

(2) Although anyone can create an account, you must verifiy your employment to cash out Reward points, win prizes, or buy from the purchase program event.

(3) You can also download the Intel Retail Edge app

(4) Be sure to include the correct store number since there are both individual and store level prizes

Main Login Page

Create Account

Reward Store

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A new Purchase Deal is coming soon. I'll post the details when they go live.

I'm hearing a Core i9, Core i7, and possibly a combo with an Intel Arc GPU.

bread's done