Is this a decent tv to use with ps4 pro

Always check Rtings for TV, I ended up with two TV purchases in the last 2 years. First one I bought a new TV because I wanted a new TV to replace my old TV so picked up the Samsung RU8000, and then my old TV died but it was covered under warranty to so I got to pick another one (Samsung RU7300, didn't really have any too many options- the warrantry company let me pick out of 3 and it was the best one). For both times, I found Rtings to be on point. 

It seems solid for gaming, but HDR is not great. Neither one of my TVs do great at HDR either but it was out of my budget. HDR IMO is important if you plan to use it for the PS4 and I only know this because when I was TV shopping at Bestbuy, the guy showed me the PS4 stand which had HDR Sony TV and showed it with on/off (via the PS4 so the TV settings stayed the same) and I was pretty amazed. It was much more expensive TV and all but still, pretty amazing to see the color gamut. 

Just a warning, Samsung TVs are cluttered with ads and stuff... you can change settings to get rid of a lot of it but it's still annoying (esp on the RU7300). 

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Ok I ended up buying this

Highly rated by but will take a couple of weeks to ship, I’ll have to make due with my current setup for playing cyberpunk for the next couple of weeks
Damn, that's a whole another level right there and it even has HDMI 2.1 and 120Hz refresh rate. You're next gen ready for when you buy a PS5 or Series 1!:D

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mjw1024 - Have you had any luck getting your Ultrax working with the HID and keyboard plugins? Just curious - looks like a pretty inexpensive RF remote solution.
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