Is this a good router?


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I'm moving out in 2 months and so I'm starting to prepare all the necesseties I will need in a home of my own. I haven't started looking for a wireless router but this one came through my inbox today courtesy of Groupon.

Cnet gave it a 4/5 rating but users gave it a 2.5/5. In Cnet's quick summary of it's review it states the following negatives:

Network-storage feature is limited
No dual-band support
Lack of 5GHz frequency

I'm not familiar with these things. Can someone explain to me what they mean and how they would affect me? I would be using this for my laptops, iPad, phone and Xbox.

Thank you for any help!!
I believe this is the same router:

you can peruse those reviews to see if this is something you think you can work with.

Some people complained it is finicky with Comcast service, so also look into what internet you want to use.

The router says it has a network storage feature allowing you to connect a flash/hardrive to the router and sharing its contents with everyone on the network, what did you hear was limited about this?

This explains the dual band issue:,1237,t=abg+router&i=58499,00.asp

Sounds like you might not be using the router to the extent where dual band would be an issue for you?
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