Join the CAG Steam Community!

[quote name='red flare graf']The Steam group was just opened to the public. You no longer need an invite to join. Get in there![/QUOTE]
Just came here to get an invite now that the Steam group is back, but that definitely makes things easier. ;)
i need more firends on steam i only have 1 i feel lame lol, add me omgmoosetracks!

i'm also quite new to pc gaming, iv'e had a steam account for years but never started playing untill last week.

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Just joined steam last week after the Hunble Deep Silver Bundle.

I have to deepest love for Sacred 2 and got Sacred 2 Gold for super cheap.

Would like to make some friends once I add some more MP games.

Looking for MP RPG games that i can play with other people like Sacred 2 and Magic TG

Steam: umbry195

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I have seen no steam user list, other than this thread. I am pretty sure that wasn't the point of it lol. Oh well 8bitbolt Toss me an add. Let me know your from cag. My Mark of the Ninja leader boards are lonely.

add me if you want, starting to get into steam sales now


also trying to get enough friends for a chance at the beta

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I just joined myself.

Steam username is maryadavies; mind I mostly play RPGs, tho I do play FFXIV. I'll put the lodestone link up to my main chara if people want to see it. (That's on Excal, just so you know.)

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I'm not sure I put my name in here but I'm on Steam @ firefight333. Looking for people to play PUBG with. DM if interested in a Duo or Squad match 

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