Lets talk about....Shenmue


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It took me two tries to actually get into the game. At first I ahted it. The time system was dumb, the combat slow and the story bland.

Actually that is more or less how I feel now. But, that does not mean I do not love the game. What draws me to the game is it's realism. Yes, it does simulate real boredom. When I experience something in the game I feel as though it is really happening.

For instance, Shenmue is the most depressing game I have ever played. Why? Well. the first time it began snowing I though that it was neat. But instead the streets looked all bland, the people were all bundled up and everything felt slow, much like the whole game. The voice acting is plai and realistic no drama, no screaming just plain and to the point. The world feels empty, everyone talks but everything they say usually means nothing.

This game seems to replicate real life, it is never overly exciting but very down to Earth. On aspect that shows this quality is the music. It is rarely exciting and in my opinion quite depressing. The music is very '90s and simple, it may try to be upbeat at points but in the end just makes it more and more sad, it is as if the whole enviroment and everything in it is made to be so real that you do not want to be in that world anymore.

The games setting is also very depressing. The time period in which the game takes place seems very lonley to me. People all wander aimlessly and tell you they cannot assist you in finding sailors. The main character(Oh my god, I can't recall his first name!!) seems to only have several friends about he does not seem to care much for. He seems to have shut out society in favor of avenging his father. He does not go to school he just walks about and talks to strangers and on occasion beats up some strangers.

There are funny parts. But most of these are unintentional. This game does not try to be funny or interesting. It just tries to keep it real and down to Earth.

Next item on the list, useless things. The toy capsules. They serve no purpose. But they are among my favorite things in the game. They are like little presents that bring small amounts of joy and color to the world. Much like in real life you do things not to further som cause but to just enjoy it. Having a little collection of those toys made me feel good, like I accompished something.

The end. I have not played two but the ending to the first is extremly plain and depressing. It appears as you have gotten nowhere in the years it has taken you to get you where you are. From gambling to fighting and feeding kittens to forklifting you end up on a ship leaving, very possilby to your death.

Wow, now I feel depressed. I still like this game a lot. It replicates real life through some one else and through another time. Eventhough I keep saing how the game is this and that I still think that it is one of the best RPGs I have played. After all that is what it is, a game where I assume the role of someone and try to steer them to thier goal.

Now, I am wondering what you think. Mainly, do you think that Shenmue is a depressing game? Even if only at times.
It's been a while since I played it, but I liked it. I didn't think it was depressing, but the ending was a big let down, especially as the story is still only half finished! apart from the occaisional QTE popping up out of nowhere the gameplay was quite good. I liked racing the forklifts before starting work. Since the days weren't that long stcking the crates wasn't too bad. Beats the hell out of the jobs in Shenmue 2!
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