Logitech Customer Support Thanksgiving Day Rant!


On August 5th '06 I bought a brand-spankin new Logitech G15 keyboard for play with World of Warcraft, use in PhotoShop, and for the handy LCD monitor to let me know when new e-mails popped in while I was working on code.

On August 22nd, two columns of keys suddenly stopped working. Nothing was spilled on the keyboard, it was never dropped, no new software was installed, etc. etc. The key columns just failed. I ran the usual gamut of USB-port switching, driver uninstall/reinstalls, and light physical diagnostics, but nothing resolved the problem.

August 23rd, I posted a comment in the Logitech forums about the issue hoping to get a quick-fix midnight response. Instead, I got some Logitech customer service rep telling me flatly, "sounds like a bad keyboard, or you broke it." Or I broke it? Well fuck YOU. I had already explained the board simply failed with no provocation. If the board broke from me typing on it, call me crazy, but that's just a shitty keyboard in my opinion.

The very next day I called Logitech customer support and they told me to toss the bad keyboard and expect to have a brand-new one at my door within 14-days. Cool. No problem. Two weeks come and go. Then three. Then four. What the hell?

After waiting four weeks, I call Logitech back and let them know there is still no sign of the replacement board. The customer rep apologizes and says, "There seems to have been a foulup in the order. It was just sitting in limbo and was never completed." A little miffed, I ask why and he goes on to explain, "Looks like the system is waiting for you to return the broken keyboard." I explain that the first rep told me to toss the board (which I had confirmed twice with that rep while still on the phone). He says, "Oh yeah, we always tell you to do that with keyboards and lower-end mice. Cheaper that way." Ok? What the foo? Where's my keyboard? "We'll get a new one shipped out right away. 10-14 days you'll have it." Fine.

Two weeks come and go. Then three. Then four. I call Logitech back again. It's been two damn months and still no replacement G15. What the hell is the deal? First rep tells me, "Oh there was a problem in the computer. The order was never finalized." This time I go for blood. I lunge into this rep and with a swat of my hand, I tear out his jugular and throw his limp carcass against the wall - figuratively speaking of course - then I close my eyes and calmly say, "Get me... a supervisor."

Supervisor gets on the phone and I put on the cheery face to counteract whatever "f-him" notes the first rep passed on, before passing on. Supervisor apologizes for the mix up and says a new board will be shipping out right away and to expect it within 10-14 days. I sigh and explain we've gone this route already. I'm tired of waiting. I point out it's been 60-days of waiting for a frigging keyboard, Logitech has let me down three times (keyboard failure followed by two long periods of waiting for nothing) and I don't want to go through a third.

I ask if the keyboard can be overnighted to me. Supervisor puts me on hold for all of ten seconds then picks back up the phone and blurts, "Sorry. No can do. 10-14 days. Can't do it faster because of cost." Wow. F-ing superb job you did there. Logitech plunders my ass with a broken G15 keyboard [sideways] for about 60-days, confesses to multiple f-ups on their end, and they can't spot the extra six bucks to rush out that puppy?

I offer to pay $10, $20, $50, whatever "cost" it would take to just get the replacement within the week. Sup tells me something about the software not letting him accept payments over the phone, which was basically customer service-cakewalk for, "Would you like three more fingers up there?" Tells me to wait 10-14 days and says, "I promise you'll get your keyboard soon."

So once again, two weeks pass. Then... thREe wEhKs. THNS FUoR. NOw ITT iS tHanJKSgivinG anD sTiLL no KEEYBORD hahaHADHA AHHHAHAAHAHAH@^&^%
Wow that sucks. So far my dealings with Logitech (all 1 of them) have been great. Sent me a new mouse quicklike and got was delivered as I woke up in the morning.
Wow, that really sucks OP. Send them an envelope and fill it with glitter. Close it in such a way that they have to tear it open and get glitter all over themselves.
Can't you just ask them to give you some kind of delivery conformation on the package? That way, you can check that instead of having to wait a month to see if they shipped it.
[quote name='norkusa']Can't you just ask them to give you some kind of delivery conformation on the package? That way, you can check that instead of having to wait a month to see if they shipped it.[/quote]

They probably dont have that available for the 3rd class shitski shipping that Logitech will use if they ever send out a new kb.
That's brutal. The LCD on my Harmony 360 went out and they sent me a replacement within a week. I was very impressed with their customer service (I also bought my parents a Log. Harmony b/c I was impressed w/ their service). Sorry to hear your experience was so poor.
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