Long Island CAGtogether with full details in OP! This Saturday! UPDATED 5/16! 18+


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Saturday May 17th 2008 at 2PM

Dave & Busters in the Source Mall
1504 Old Country Road
Westbury, NY 11590

You must be 18+ to get in!

I just set up the private room, food and drinks are paid for, you will need pay your own way for game cards, they don't have that promo for large groups right now.

RSVP by PM please

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Del Far
scion of ys
Wooten (+1)
franz ferdinand
+ around 15 more cags I am too lazy to cut and paste into the thread
Anyone from Brooklyn going maybe want to do a group leave. I still kind of want to go, but don't really want get all lost and shit.
I'm totally pumped to come, I'll be bringing my cape, goggles, gps (for wombat to try out), and some games to trade. I can't wait! it's gonna be totally nautical!!!

I'll also bring my laptop and microphone so we could maybe try recording something with everyone.

I also suggest an after party viewing of Iron Man, since shipwreck hasnt seen it, and i would love to see it again with a bunch of cags.

Oh yes, if anyone needs a ride back from the event to somewhere in westchester, close to scarsdale, I would be willing to drive for a little gas money.
[quote name='Wombat']Yes, do not worry about the RSVP, Dave and Busters does not take reservations, The RSVP was just so I could get a basic headcount to make sure this was worth the effort, we are way past that amount, everyone is welcome.[/quote]

O.K. I guess I'm sweating bullets for nothing. I wonder if anyone is doing anything after the event. There is a huge mall and movie theater not far from the source (the location that D and B is). I know one dude wanted to see Iron Man (but I saw that already though).

I haven't really met any of you guys in person, so I'm a bit nervous in meeting new people, especially if it involves this thing called "Internet". Anyways, I'll get over my anxiety by the time the event comes.
Well. This Dave and Busters is 35 miles from me. I am 15 with 20 dollars and no car.

I'm in brooklyn (bensonhurst)
yeah dude i havent seen iron man yet either! its the after party and bitches wanna fuck! yo lil dude i lived in bhurst for the longest but now im out in rockaway queens. if you can make it near here you might be able to hop in w me. i been drinkin beers all night and feel all charitable tho. i hope it dont wear off! holla!
[quote name='Del Far']I also suggest an after party viewing of Iron Man, since shipwreck hasnt seen it, and i would love to see it again with a bunch of cags.[/quote]
I'd be up for it. I was actually going to see it this morning before heading off to D&B.
I'll be taking the 1:06 LIRR from Penn Station to Carle Place and probably walk from there as its a 2 PM meeting time and its only a .7 Mile walk according to Google and the train arrives at 1:45... If anyone else is taking the same route I'll be the guy with glasses wearing a black hat with a green messenger bag and maybe wearing a hoodie as it's kinda chilly this morning.
Just got home from D&B, here are some prelim pics of Wombat, the food (and Wombat eating), and a wide shot of all the cags. Impressive turnout! Sorry I couldn't stick around longer guys...

CAG Pics
Good times had by all. Thanks for the event Cheapy. Had a great time meeting all u cags including wombat and shipwreck. I had the sweater with the brewers cap on if anyone wants to send me a friend invite feel free.
Yea, the CAGtogether was a blast! It was really fun getting to meet everyone, Wombat and Shipwreck were wonderful hosts. It's been ages since I went and played games in an arcade. Temari and I had a really great time. Thanks Cheapy for picking up the bill. :applause:
Finally home...christ, what a drive.

That was a lot of fun...glad I made the trip and got to meet everyone. That 6-player trivia game was like crack!

Thanks to all involved for a fun day. If you guys ever want to get your game on just shoot me a friend invite.
If I had gotten better at that trivia game, I would've had my gumball machine by now. Thanks our fearless leader for providing this event. I may not contribute here a lot, but I enjoy your wonderful services such as the cagcast and great game deals. Here's to another 5 years of service.
Had a great time meeting everyone! Definately glad I was able to go. Thanks go to Cheapy, Wombat and Shipwreck. Looking forward to the next time.
Thanks for putting this together, Wombat, I definitely had a great time. It was good meeting the lot of you, here's looking forward to future events. Thanks for picking up the bill, Cheapy.

Remember to take it easy on your keyboards tonight, don't want to aggravate any Flaming Finger-related injuries.
great party wombat and thanks cheapy d for paying. hopefully we wont have to wait another five year for another event like this. hope to see some more pics posted up soon.
Thanks Cheapy for paying for the event and to Wombat for putting this thing together. I had alot of fun at the meet up. I stayed until Wombot and Ship headed home. Where I pretty much fell right asleep...
Oh man, that was a fun event, the food was great, and while there was not trading, I did sell enough games to get 47 bucks back and bought "The World Ends With You" and it was the last one sucka! And it was awesome meeting Shipwreck for the first time and Wombat a second time, they were hilarious together, and it was just fun watching them play games.


And they both got enough tickets for lightsabers, it got really geeky when they both wore them on there belts.

All of the photos are up on my flickr page in a nice set.
That pretty much sums up Dave and Buster: Shooting games and Trivia. Looks like fun, I wish I had stuck around. Thanks for the great pics Delfar...
No problem, the photos would have been nicer if I had my dslr with me , then they would have kicked some real ass.
A big thanks to Wombat for organizing the event (and returning my lost jacket to me), and to CheapyD for footing the bill. The party was a blast. I probably could have been more social with my fellow CAGs, but my girlfriend and I were busy preying on children...

foolish children, leaving tickets dangling from machines while tokens slip from their tiny fists. if there is one thing I learned, it's that if you follow any child in D&B for long enough, there is profit to be had.
Yeah I had a lot of fun too. Thanks guys. I wish I hung out a bit more with everybody. Send me friend requests on ps3 and 360 and if anybody wants to swap wii codes let me know. and that trivia game WAS crack.
I had a great time at the CAG Together too. Thanks to all the CAGs who showed up and of course to CheapyD, Wombat, and Shipwreck for making it happen.

It was nice to meet some friendly neighborhood CAGs. Feel free to add me to your friends lists but please let me know who you are; I am horrible with names and I can't remember everybody.

- Pete
any pics? i was expecting a big gallery or something.

edit: saw a few in the previous page. i was hoping for pics of the other CAGs. c'mon guys, post those pics :)
I've got quite a few pictures that I need to get posted. Work has been ridiculously busy the last couple of days though and I haven't had much time to get CAG stuff done. Pictures should be up by this weekend at the latest though.
Thanks again cheapy and wombat for the meetup. I had a nice time meeting everyone. Thanks again wombat for signing my ugo shirt. This meetup was a very intersting part to my vacation to new york. hopefully a los angeles meetup will happen during e3 so there will be less traveling involved.
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