Looking for gaming PC setup under $1000

can be a little more but I need to get a monitor too. Thanks!

(it’s for a friends son)

What did your friend's son end up getting (if applicable)?

Pro-tip for future reference: check out the open box inventory from Microcenter on occasion; they're usually 10% off but the deals to look out for are 20% off or more.
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Too little too late? CyberpowerPC is pretty decent with prices and build quality. I got a few from them so did my brother and I just built one for my parents. You can get under $1000 and still have a MID PC, although I'd suggest getting a monitor separate if you can find a good deal. They don't often have discounts on monitors. Their builds are also a little strange, sometimes you can build the exact same specs and one will be $200 or more higher just because? So I always start on the cheapest build option (either intel or AMD) and check how much you can upgrade, it tends to keep the prices better since the higher end won't let you downgrade as much or at all keeping the price higher.
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