Modding a PS2

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HI all.
Have several questions actually about Ps2 mods.

1) I own a "fat type" original ps2, and dont want to mess with it as it has served me well as is, but i am planning on buying another ps2 (slim maybe) and have that modded. Is one better to mod than another? Slim vs. Original?
2) I know there are dozens of different mod chips available, and lots of info on them on various websites. Makes my head spin. Any recommendations as to which mod chips are the best to use?
3) My main reason for modding is i want to have emulators installed that plays classic gaming systems on my hd tv....soooo, will these emulators work on my hd set at LEAST at 480i? My hdtv cannot handle signals lower than the picture a jittery look.
4) Playing imports and back ups would be a nice feature too, but its mainly for the older games to look decent via component on an hdtv...but is there a mod chip set that does import playing/backup AND emulators? Or do i have to choose one or the other?
5) Finally, would all this entail having a hard drive working with my ps2, or can these emulators/roms etc be put onto a standard ps2 memory card?

I realize this is alot of questions, and i may have even more....but any intelligent, knowledgeable thoughts/advice/facts on the subject would be GREATLY appreciated.
I just recently started selling off all my old snes, nes, genesis, etc systems and games, because i just simply CANNOT get them to look right on my 1080p set. And i dont want to keep an old tube tv around just to play them. I'd rather just have a modded system that can run them no probs on my hdtv.
I also realize i can download alot of these games via the Wii's Virtual console, and i have considered that, but being a CAG, i'd prefer to spend the money on the mod, and have access to just about whatever older game i want.
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