Modern Warfare 2 $40 | 360 (Hardened) / PS3 (Regular) @ w/coupon


7 (100%)
Tiger Direct has Modern Warfare 2 for $39.99. Note: the 360 version is the Hardened Edition whereas the PS3 is NOT.

Xbox 360 (Hardened Edition)

PS3 (Regular)

Sorry. It seems to be a coupon.

It's listed at the bottom.
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Yeah it comes up for $69 for me, I know NewEgg has it for $49.99

- Jason

I see it now with the coupon, not a bad deal.
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[quote name='kart007k']Came out to 44.07 w. shipping. Good deal.[/QUOTE]

$47.40 for me. Its still a pretty good deal but that extra $7.40 kinda puts a damper on it.
not getting this til it's $20. don't like companies doing annual releases of the similar crap every year. those who wants to buy now can use bing to even out the shipping. 8-12%
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