most anticipated upcoming games of 2011 (FPS and Act/Adv)

Yakuza 4
No More Heroes: Heroes' Paradise
Shadows of the DAMNED
Alice: Madness Returns
Catherine (more a puzzle game than action adv)
Batman: Arkham City
and, of course, Uncharted 3.

I'm interested in playing Duke Nukem Forever and inFAMOUS 2, but they're not exactly titles I'm anticipating or gonna plop down some serious cash on.
Yakuza 4
LA Noire
Batman AC
Uncharted 3

Those are the must haves for me in 2011. Anything else and I'd be spoiling myself(which I'll probably end up doing knowing me).
My top 3 is LA Noire, Batman: Arkham City, and Infamous 2. There's probably more that I can't remember. Haven't started the Uncharted series yet so Uncharted 3, for me, will be in 2012.

EDIT: How can I forget Mass Effect 3? If it comes out this year, that's probably my second most anticipated game next to LA Noire.
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Brink - looks amazing, from the gameplay to the multiplayer concept
crysis 2 - demos out this week, cant wait to check out the nanosuit and open world
battlefield 3 - should be amazing, though i wish it was Bf:BC 3 (i like bad company)

not really interested in rage cuz i dont like FPS where you get rushed by melee attackers, not interested in homefront cuz its a regular military FPS and i already have black ops and bfbc2, so i dont see the need for another. deux ex looks pretty good, but idk if it my thing.

batman arkham city - looks amazing, maybe even better graphically than asylum
uncharted 3 - nuff said
the last gaurdian- another ps3 exclusive that looks out of this world (and ico and shadow of the colossus are being released in HD 2 pack kinda like GoW)

ones that i think will be worth lookin at but not sold on totally yet are alice madness returns and la noire. infamous 2 looks good but i didnt really like infamous 1 all that much for whatever reason. assassins creed i used to like but after brotherhood i lost interest. la niore also looks amazin but iff its like RDR, i dont need another open world from rock star right now. RdR is as good as it gets i think

Seems like most people are into the big ones for the most part. what else is out there under the radar
Uncharted 3 is the only action/adventure title I'm even half looking forward to. With my backlog the way it is now I'll likely just be getting Uncharted 3 around this time NEXT year.

Before anyone says 'but you'll miss out on the multiplayer' I have to add that if it's anything like Uncharted 2's with people who glitched and/or played it 24/7 then I'll take that chance since I hated getting my ass handed to me by the aforementioned people in the PvP modes. Only mp modes that were any good for me were the co-op ones.
Duke Nukem Forever
Deus Ex

Maybe (and that is if the classic mode is both good and has lots of players)
Socom 4

Other than that, absolutely nothing in the FPS/Action Adventure genre. Mass Effect 3 and Dark Souls are RPG's and so is Skyrim.
There are really only 5 games that have been announced that I'm really interested in, and 2 of them I dont believe are actually coming this year

(definitely this year)
LA Noire
Batman: Arkham City
HomeFront (single player only really)

(not a chance this year)
Assassin's Creed 3
The Last Guardian

But I'm so backlogged that it doesnt even matter.
Need to see more Alice gameplay. First game was broken but still awesome. Burton movie was awesome but too Disney. This could be the one that nails gothic Alice.
so can anyone see a game not on the lists they are on the lookout for? crysis 2 demo is out btw (im pretty sure im checkin now)
portal 2 is up there , i think its actually the first one in one of the videos too, but its not definite 2011 release he said. looks crazy too from the videos
[quote name='hostyl1'](not a chance this year)
Assassin's Creed 3[/QUOTE]
Ubisoft claims that they'll be announcing a game at E3 that will release this year.
AC2 and AC:B were only a year apart.

The first game only came out in 2007. In that time, they've released 3 console games, 3 handheld games (1 PSP, 2 DS, and 2-3 iOS games I won't count), and a facebook game.

They've also got a 3DS game scheduled.
CRYSIS 2 demo is very disappointing. i think it was a good idea with pretty bad execution. the graphics arent that great (and the maker said they would be amazing), the gameplay isnt what i expected in terms of shooting and the fluidity, the nanosuit is a cool iddea like i said, but a lil jumbled and clumsy in the multiplayer demo. there isnt much use to armor when ur gettin shot and the invisibility is more for snipin/creepin style, so i think killzone 3 is better, which i did not even like because it has better graphics and the "invisibility". the only thiing crysis 2 has over that seems to be the guns, but i also cant enable r2/l2 fir aim/fire like i could in kz3 , so that sucked, i really dont like l1/r1 for aim/fire. like black ops i set it to default alt and it makes a world of differnece for gameplay

anyone else try out crysis 2?wudya think
ok not only was the crysis 2 demo disappointing it was an epic fail. it was closed within 24 hours because the servers didnt work. when i played the demo it wasnt good either, like i mentioned. the graphics that were supposed to be "the greatest ever seen" were as good as MAG, just as good as homefront, definitely not as good as KZ3. the nanosuit is totally hyped, the power runs out in 10 seconds when invisible or armor. the aiming and shooting wasnt that impressive. i know its not CoD but i mean idk, i just didnt really like it and i wanted to know how others felt. now it seems i might not know until its release if someones daring enough to buy it. imagine releasing (a week before release) and ending a demo within 24 hours cuz servers didnt work and the game is bein released tomorrow. has anyone preordered it or pickin up tomorrow?

so i definitely wont be getting the game when it comes out. i was lookin forward to it too but oh homefront and brink is still on the horizon.
Looking forward to Saints Row 3, Uncharted 3, Team Ico's games, Portal 2, Batman, Duke Nukem Forever and I'm sure a wild card or two.

L.A. Noire will probably be good but the current gen open world Rockstar games haven't been able to hold my interest.
You guys are all crazy!!! You forgot the Mother fucking king of them all. Sweet Tooth and Twisted Metal 3. Expect some epic multiplayer car combat courtesy of Mr. Jaffe.
[quote name='valo2027']You guys are all crazy!!! You forgot the Mother fucking king of them all. Sweet Tooth and Twisted Metal 3. Expect some epic multiplayer car combat courtesy of Mr. Jaffe.[/QUOTE]

Hell yea!!! Loved TM during the PsOne days. Give us a dam release date!!!!!!!,lol

I'm also looking forward to Uncharted 3. Uncharted 2 was a great game!

Infamous was a fun game, not a "must-have" imo. Not really looking forward to Infamous 2. Might get it when it becomes a GH.
Shadows of the Damned looks sweet! I hadn't heard of that one before. I agree with most of what was mentioned above. Was really looking forward to homefront but that seems rather disappointing so I'll wait awhile. Hopefully I can clear up some backlog...
LA Noire, Portal 2, Deus Ex, and Dark Souls are the standouts for me.
Deus Ex: Human Revolution

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