My Best Buy Visa Card Issues


So basically I'm pretty sure I triggered a fraud alert on my card when ordering stuff online. Called customer service to get the card unlocked and verify that it was indeed me who attempted to use it only to run into a brick wall. Verification is now solely reliant on text verification and not just texting the cellphone on file no it has to be a cellphone they can find in their "public database" that has your name attached to it. They claim the number that I registered my account with is unusable and basically refuse to verify my info any other way or even point in the proper direction to further work through this issue.

I've been basically told buy a new phone with a new contract :whistle2:? . So yeah I'm not doing that just to unlock some stupid credit card that I've only had a week.

Issue is my balance doesn't seem to be up to date like they are lagging 2-3 days behind so I can't pay my balance off yet and even once I do I don't think they will let me cancel. Because to cancel I need to verify my mother fucking identity over the phone via text verification :applause: . So hats off to you Citi bank this is the most spectacular credit card experience I've ever had.

So yeah I'd say avoid this card and maybe citi cards in general if you are using tracfone or share a plan with other members of your family.

Selling my 50 Best Buy Gift Card I got for my birthday....Its hilarious to think that there is nothing that I need under 50 at BB not really even Blurays at this point. The first person to paypal me 45 friends/family gets it PM me for details or questions thanks.
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