My eBay Auctions (Updated): BLACK FRIDAY MONTH! PS2 Memory Cards w/ Free McBoot, N64 stuff, PS3 parts coming soon


Black Friday deal! From now until the end of the month, receive 5% off the sale price! Send message "CAGerBlackFriday19" in message to seller at checkout to receive a partial refund.

Slowly getting some other items up for sale. There are currently listed some PS2 Memory Cards with Free McBoot 1.953. Free McBoot allows the user to run any backups or homebrew that they have.

I also have listed a loose copy of Perfect Dark, with a loose copy of GoldenEye 007 and a power supply coming soon.

Also coming soon is some functioning parts pulled from a damaged PS3 motherboard (disc drive, internal power supply, etc.) that will be listed for cheap.
Any questions, pm me on here or my eBay account (the latter having a faster response time).

Banjo Dude 98

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Items relisted, Oddysee and Exoddus with a slight discount.

To clarify, I only have one code for each game. This is not a bulk reselling, simply a code from my personal collection
Only Munch's Oddysee still available, currently asking $4.75CAD obo.

Will be putting up some official and third-party PS2 memory cards with Free McBoot (useful for running homebrew applications) in the near future, as well as some slim PS2s and fat backwards-compatible PS3s. I'll update this topic shortly before they are available for auction (will probably be another month)

Added more McBoot cards of varying colors. Will be adding PS1 cards soon. N64 transfer packs and power supplies for various systems coming sometime in the future.
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