Need to remove my negative feedback from someone


I made a terrible assumption on AcidFluxMx and my patient got the better of me. We traded  codes. I sended first and he did NOT reply. 20 hours later and still nothing so I posted the code I sent him on another forum. The code apparently was still valid meaning he didn't in fact redeem it yet. It's not fair for me to give him a negative feedback without hard evidence whether or not he planned to scam me. I am new to CAG so I apologize to the community.

I just pm'ed him with this:

"Forget it. I just posted that RE4 code inadvertently online  and you apparently didn't redeem it yet since they did so I apologize for accusing you of so.


Obviously, don't send me the South Park code since the RE4 code isn't valid anymore. I will get a mod that remove that negative feedback. All I can say is that you need to do a better job with communication bro. That was a terrible experience. It's not fair to give you a red but a neutral feedback is more than fair. I'm done with CAG in general  when it comes to trading.

Once again, I will get that feedback removed from you."

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Send one of the mods a direct pm.

Try Pookymeister or htz, and they should get that fixed for you.

And we all make mistakes, and if you plan to make a thread next time, you should make it looking for advice first, rather than having already taken action.

Sometimes there are indeed justified situations where people will try to scam you, but it's also good to make sure that you are not being too rash.

Let us know how it all works out.

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