New image rules?


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Is there a new rule where you have to have your name in the picture of any auction you do?

One of my auctions just got canceled for 'image theft'. I find it really retarted, as all the supposed 'victim' has to do is go to any auction and save the image to their harddrive and say you stole it. The other kicker is that the auction was canceled post-closing, meaning that ive already received payment & sent out the item to the winner. Screwing both of us out of feedback.

I never received any kind of contact from ebay asking if i stole the image. Now, a picture of a dvd on a wood floor is a common thing so i can see how someone would think they stole their oh-so-precious jpg file, but who would waste their time reporting it on a closed auction. Is this a new trend going on ebay?
I personally wouldnt care. eBay refunded final value fee and listing fee. So whatever auction ended fee was taken out.

I remember selling a Nintendo Wii on launch and they only limited to 1 per account at the time. I had two listed. eBay cancelled one of the auctions and refunded listing fee and never charged me for final value fee. Had they charged me with the fees, I would of been out $50. I dont care if I got feedback or not..even if they didnt cancel, the buyer might not even leave feedback. So no point in stressing over it.
This has always been part of eBay's rules. (Well at least for as long as I've been selling.)

Makes sense as when you see a non-stock photo on a listing you assume it's one the seller took themself and if that's not the case it's misleading the buyer.

If it was a picture you took yourself, I'd complain about it.
It probably was reported before the auction ended. I remember when I reported somebody there was 4 days left in the auction then ebay decided to respond a day after the auction closed.
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