New PC gamer Q: What Apps usually have frequent free game DL's?


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I remember a couple of years ago Ubiplay was giving free AAA titles away monthly. GoG had some good one.

I just bought a new gaming Laptop (HP) from a black friday sale. ANd have been strictly using Xbox gamepass (I see why PC is the master race now) 

I just want to know which Apps i should own that frequently dish out the AAA games for free?

Thanks in Advance

Not an app, but if you sign up for Humble Bundle's newsletter, they'll offer a free game to subscribers a few times a year. They're usually Steam keys of well-regarded indie games from various publishers (including Humble Games), with the odd big-budget title thrown in every once in awhile. You'll need a (free) Humble account to take full advantage of this.

In addition to UPlay and GoG, Steam and sometimes have free games available, aside from the usual free-to-play stuff. The Epic Games Store is still putting out monthly freebies, iirc, though this platform is still considered to be vastly inferior to Steam.

To keep up with free game releases, you might want to check out the blog Indie Game Bundles, which covers bundles and freebies from all the places I mentioned and more.

(Oh, and welcome to the wonderful world of PC gaming! :))

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Just a bit of clarification: most free game offers are for indies or classic/retro games, including those from the Epic Store. Some of these are "triple I" indies (which tend to be excellent), but in general, free current- or last-gen AAA games happen on the rarer side, and are often tied to a special event.

AFAIK, streaming services like EA Play are a great way to get triple A games cheaply, but of course, you're paying for the service itself. Steam sales, especially the big ones, and bundles from places like Humble and Fanatical are also worth checking out for cheap games of all kinds.

You could also try the Steam key trading threads here to get some dirt-cheap games.

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Right on :)
Yeah right now im dping Gamepass for PC. But other than a few AAA games ive been wanting to beat, i dont see the long tterm benefit. Couple of months tops.

Do like how it transfers your XBone saves over though.
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