No mans sky ps4 9.99 at walmart via online

I'm kinda hesitant about ordering anything that's been out very long from Walmart after trying to get a new copy of Dragon Age: Inquisition recently and them sending a used shrink wrapped copy twice.
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Just picked it up for 9.99 at walmart. Seemed worth it to give it a shot due to the update. Rang up 19.9x but they adjusted price via walmart online.
It's showing up as $20.13 from a non Walmart seller.
Did it get changed that quickly? Or am I missing something

Also in the waiting for pick up email boat, but not at all surprised, honestly. It's Walmart, so you have to apply the retailer size/loose employee management/overall lack of competency formula. Ugly, frustrating math.
It is funny you mention that. I waited about 10 minutes for them to get it out of the game case beause 3 workers were gossiping about another worker's schedule and actually asked me to wait till they were done. I had been told before that walmart doesnt price match their own online store anymore, so I wasnt sure if the guy would do it. He did it without me asking though. Walmart really has the most poorly run stores of any business I have ever encountered. They also really have the worst customer service and most unprofessional workers I have ever seen.

Still a good deal if you can stomach the bs though.
Thanks OP. Ordered one for in-store pickup hours ago, status is still preparing to ship. Oh, Walmart. You suck.
fwiw I've seen peopel saying they were able to price match at BB and some even got GCU on top of the PM (not supposed to afaik), might be harder since it's not instock online for shipping now

Ya I was going to get it at best buy initially and use certificates. I decided later it wasnt worth messing with since I was going past a walmart anyway😗
Has anyone gotten the ready for pickup email? I'm wondering if they'll even have it ready today. Walmart pickup closes at 8PM for me.
I ordered first thing this morning and of course didn't get the email until I had already pulled into my house after work. I was hoping to grab on my way home and I'm not going out again so I'll just pick up tomorrow.

Mine got cancelled due to store stock. Can anyone confirm if it is still on sale on store or am I out of luck now?

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Mine got cancelled due to store stock. Can anyone confirm if it is still on sale on store or am I out of luck now?

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Still waiting on my order... Worried it's going to be cancelled. It literally went out of stock on the website after I placed my order LOL. Got it for my friend to join me, so yeah, gonna be bummed if it's unavailable...

I placed my in-store pickup order at 10am and just now (9:07pm) got an email from Walmart saying that the order is “Delayed”.

To be continued...
I placed my in-store pickup order at 823am PST, and I received my "ready for pickup" email at 1241pm PST (if this info helps anyone).
I ordered at 8:58 his morning, I still haven't received the pickup confirmation. A quick check on BS says my local store has at least 4 and the next closest store as 11 for $20; I know BS is not 100% accurate but I think my order might be cancelled :\

I placed my in-store pickup order at 10am and just now (9:07pm) got an email from Walmart saying that the order is “Delayed”.

To be continued...
I got the delayed message too. For me the issue is that I used store credit, not sure what happens if cancelled.

Mine's also delayed even though BS said the store has 13 copies at the time (it says it has 4 now..) and I ordered my ONE copy less than an hour after the OP.

fucking hoarders.
Also delayed, with brickseek showing 8 in stock. For what it's worth, last time I tried to order something that was supposedly in stock but couldn't be found, they shipped it to the store at the online price. Whether they get any stock to ship in the near future is anyone's guess....

Like I said, I didn't do an order just walked back to electronics. If you still have the online walmart price from earlier on your phone it should work if you walk back. Maybe it is too late and ymmv
I placed an in-store pickup order for this when I saw this post about a half-hour after it was posted. After waiting over five hours for the "ready for pickup" e-mail, I called the store.  They couldn't find the order by my name but saw it when I gave them the order number. She said she saw that the order was placed on the site, but hadn't sent the instructions to the store to fulfill the order yet, and gave me a phone number to call at

A woman I spoke to there told me that it can take up to eight hours for an in-store pickup order to be processed and that I should give it time. I said I was worried about the fact that there were only four copies left in the store (via Brickseek, but I didn't say that) and I didn't want it to fly off the shelves before the picked it.  She said not to worry.  Not wanting to take a chance, and not able to get to the Walmart I did the in-store pickup at tonight, I instead drove to a different Walmart that was closer.  They had four copies in stock behind their glass.  I got a guy to get me a copy (he had to try multiples because only one copy out of the four wasn't a loose disc) and brought it to the register.  It rang up $19.93 or something, but I didn't even need to say anything about the price on the site, he just tapped a few buttons on the register and I saw the price change to $9.99.

I then tried to cancel my in-store pickup through the app and it refused to let me cancel.  Told me there was a problem, to refresh and try again.  Kept doing it.  So I called the number back. A different woman from before tried to cancel it for me and her system wasn't letting her do it either.  I told her to forget about it and I'll just cancel it at the store when they notify me that it's ready for pickup.  I then went to the movies with my girlfriend, and when I got out and turned my phone on, I found an e-mail from that was sent about three hours after I hung up with them.

"Items have been canceled from your order. We're sorry, but the items shown below are all out of stock. Since we don't known when we'll get them in again, we've canceled the items from your order and won't charge you for them."

So yeah, finally did get it, so that's a plus.  But nothing went right at all with the order and glad I just went to the store and grabbed it myself.

Well about 10 hours after placing my order I received an email saying it was ready lol. The store is closed now and it's after midnight.

Fine for this game, but honestly this is shabby service.
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