Nvidia/AMD GPU Re-stock Thread


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I honestly don't want to manage this thread...  but I do think this forum would benefit from a thread that keeps people up to date on GPU restocks like the PS5 and Series X threads (but hopefully with less bickering).

Anyway I finally just received my RTX 3070, which I had to buy a whole prebuild HP OMEN 25L just to get.  Took almost 2 months but it finally got here today and the first thing I did was take out out of the OMEN and threw it in my custom build, which is a few years old, but still has a better CPU than the Ryzen 5 3500 that came with it.

It seems like the best way of scoring a card these days is through a prebuilt computer.  Right now it doesn't appear that HP has anything better than the 3060ti, which is still a pretty damn good card for the money.

Where's the best place to sell my 3060ti whenever I finally crack on getting a 4070ti for my 3440x1440 setup? Need to research what to even try and sell for to see if upgrade is even justified in current build
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