Office Depot Clearance PC games


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My local Office Depot had a couple PC games on clearance, decent prices

Dreamfall: The Longest Journey $15.01
Guild Wars (can't remember which one) $25.xx

Maybe other Office Depots have more selection?
Depending on the last digit of the price, they could drop in price even more. xx.01 is 1st level markdown, xx.02 is 2nd level and it goes to xx.04 which is final markdown.

I never thought to check Office Depot for clearance games but I guess they must have good deals all the time since they usually have good clearance prices on other items.
Good price for Guild Wars, regardless of which campaign. I'd get it if I didn't already have all 3. I'll have to check my local ODs for similar deals and report back. I'm thinking this could be regional, though.
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