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12-18-2013 UPDATE - Alpha Strike Days Promotion

We are announcing a limited time special where we will trade the hottest next generation titles on both major platforms for a player's used games.  For the next 30 days of the "Alpha Strike" promotion gamers can trade in their used games directly to LeapTrade and try out the site. 

Here's how to participate in the promotion:

  1. Trade in your old games to other gamers for Leaptrade Credit.
  2. Use that credit to request brand new PS4 and Xbox One games..
  3. We ship you your new next gen games.

Original Post:

Hi Everyone,

I’ve created this thread as a place to discuss game trading on on CAG.

I’m one of the owners of the site, a group of three 30-somethings that have been playing games their whole lives. You can reach out to us anytime at [email protected] or shoot me a message on here.

Leaptrade came out of open beta in October of  2013, and we are now live and open to all. We’ve already been making updates and enhancements based on feedback from our initial users. I’ve answered some of the main questions here below, but you can check out our how it works page, see our full FAQ, and check out what games are available on Leaptrade right now.

What is Leaptrade?
Leaptrade is a video game trading website built around creating a community that can trade, play, and talk about games together. At its most basic, you trade your game for credit and use that credit to get the games you want. At its most advanced you can trade multiple games at a time with your friends.

How much does it cost?
When receiving a game there is no cost. When sending out a game you just need to pay for shipping.

How does shipping work?
We’ve fully integrated Leaptrade in the shipping process, you print shipping labels and track your games directly from your My Trades screen. Once you confirm a trade, simply print the shipping label, put it in the mail and you’re done.

Why is shipping purchased only through Leaptrade?
We thought long and hard about this, and eventually decided that to give the best possible trading experience, all shipping would have tracking and be purchased through Leaptrade. This makes shipping safer, reduces fraud, and allows us to integrate directly with USPS to update the status of trades and provide tracking directly on our site. It also allows us to guarantee all trades done through Leaptrade.

What makes Leaptrade different from other points/credits based trading sites?
We built Leaptrade to let you trade your way, and do it all in one place. We offer the flexibility to trade:


  • Basic Trade - The queue based trading you are used to, trade a game for credit, use credit to trade for the game you want.
  • Instant Trade - Trade a game for another game, no credit involved. We built this to help solve the problem of trading your new AAA title and not being able to get your hands on another game right away. With instant trade you can trade your AAA title for another AAA title all in one trade.
  • Friend to Friend Trade - Trade with your friends, multiple games + credit all in one trade and one shipping package. There are no queues, and you can trade directly with those you know and trust.
You are never “on your own” or “out of luck” as Leaptrade backs every single trade on our site.

Leaptrade is all about building a community. Make friends with fellow traders through trades or in the forums. Check out your news feed to see what games your friends are playing, new games they added to their collection, posts on the forums, etc. Done with a new game you really enjoyed and ready to trade it? Pass it along to one of your friends. That’s the kind of interaction we are hoping to build here.

Is Leaptrade going to be around in 6 months?
Over the last 3 years we’ve spent thousands of hours between us coming up with ideas, creating graphics, and developing  We are here to stay and fully committed to this community.

We’ve always felt that there are WAY too many people paying too much to enjoy their games and our goal is to help people find a better way. I know that’s what CAG is all about too. This is just the beginning for us, we have the financial backing to keep Leaptrade in the game for the long term and will work with the community to continue to roll out innovative new features.

We are also excited that we were named a 2013 Webby Official Honoree.

Our Philosophy - It’s all about the Community
We have been open to feedback from day one and we’d love for people to check out, see what games are available, and let us know what you think. We’ve seen too many sites fail by ignoring their users. We are strong believers in open and honest communication to make the best site possible and continually adapt to the changing needs of the community. We’ve opened up our development process to our users and will continue to solicit feedback to tailor Leaptrade to suit their needs.

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Just signed up and it looks pretty interesting. I was a big fan of peerflix back in the day before they shut down. I haven't tried anything with games before though.
I joined LeapTrade recently. It is well designed and has more than one way to trade. The site has the potential to be great.

They are currently giving a $5 Bonus just for signing up, then another $5 Bonus for sending out your first trade, then an additional $5 Bonus for every referral.

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I and many other former Goozers/VG5ers are taking the Leap to LEAPTRADE. It is a great time to sign up since they are giving a $5 BONUS just for signing up, another $5 BONUS for sending out your 1st trade and an additional $5 BONUS for each referral.

Please use my referral link here:


Just got this Awesome message from LEAPTRADE:

We’ve all heard about the trouble that Goozex is having. While we don’t know what happened to them, we know that it's been rough on you guys, and we want to do something to help. You’re a gamer, we're gamers, you love to trade games, we love to trade games. That makes you family. As a gesture from us to welcome you guys to the Leaptrade community, we are going to give you your next 4 trade-in’s for only 40 cents shipping each. Think of it like pouring a 40oz on the street of gaming for our fallen comrades.

We understand you may be a little gun shy. We get that, and we will stick around, listen, and help make Leaptrade feel like home.

So, how do you get in on all this cheap shipping? Step 1, if you got this message on Leaptrade, you’re done, we already set you up for the 40 cent shipping. For everyone else, just send Leaptrade a message, or email us at [email protected], show us your Goozex or VGFive cred and we’ll take care of the rest.

Make sure to spread the word and tell your friends, anyone we missed or didn’t message yet. That is, unless they're loaded and have a gold plated Nintendo in a display case, then they've got money to burn. The Leaptrade Team

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Is this site working? I sent out Darksiders 2 and tracker said it was delivered 2 days ago and I have not received my points.

Also the "Trade Protection" guarentee when clicked gets the "Stop 404 error"
Is this site working? I sent out Darksiders 2 and tracker said it was delivered 2 days ago and I have not received my points.

Also the "Trade Protection" guarentee when clicked gets the "Stop 404 error"
You only get the credit after 14 days or the buyer leaves feedback.. I always message the buyer after two days to have them leave feedback
Surprised you´re allowed to advertise for another site and staff don´t say anything. You´re basically saying CAG is shit for trading go here.

I signed up for Leaptrade and everything was going well until I got to generating the shipping label.The image is warped so an inch of the left side of the label is on the right side of the label now.  

The USPS tracking barcode and the "Ship To" address are intact, but everything else is cut off in one way or another including part of the stamp code in the top right corner.  I tried reloading the image and I get the same result. I contacted Leaptrade's customer support and haven't heard anything yet.

Has any of you had a similar problem creating a label through Leaptrade?   Suggestions?

There was a minor issue that affected a couple shipping labels, but we got it fixed today and you should be all set now.  We apologize for the inconvenience. 

Surprised you´re allowed to advertise for another site and staff don´t say anything. You´re basically saying CAG is shit for trading go here.
How do you set up CAG for tradeing? Is it just putting up your list and looking for games on others list? because that is alot of work

Question: How do I cancel a request?  I clicked on the request button and added it, but I don't want it anymore.  Is there a way to cancel it?  Thanks.

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