Original Xbox kiosk/display version. Worth anything?


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Hi guys,

I've had an original Xbox sitting in a box for some years and am looking to get rid of it, but before I bring it down to Goodwill I'm wondering if it's worth anything to collectors?

It's in very good/excellent condition since it spent most of its life in a kiosk or a box.  It has a sticker on the corner that says "Retail display unit only".  As far as I can tell all the connections and hookups are identical to the regular units.

Also have a couple of the demo discs that were distributed to stores to play on the system.  Not the "Exhibition" demo discs you could buy.  These are in a white sleeve and say "version 2.2" and "version 4.4" on them.

Should I try to sell any of this or not bother?

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