Piracy Hypocrisy(ad for product to copy games on CAG, but talk about it NOT allowed?)

Then why did they actually have a link/ad to a site offering a product or info on HOW to copy ANY game?

I mean, if it's banned for US to talk about, shouldn't it ALSO be banned from being advertised on the site? I don't know, it just kind of irked me that they would allow that kind of ad, when we can't even talk about stuff like that on here.

Am I wrong to feel this way?
See, that's weird, because I've seen ads for mod chips and game copying. I didn't actually know that he had no control over them. Thanks for clearing that up, now I feel kinda bad and as if this thread no longer needs to be active.

I just thought that he controlled all facets of the site and that the mod chip and game copying ads were against the TOS to talk about, but it was ok to have the ads for them up. It seemed kinda hypocritical.
I can ban ads if I know the URL that the ads direct to, but I can't ban them on keywords alone.

The problem is that I usually never see these ads as they are often only targeted people surfing from the USA.

If you have the URLs, you can send them to me and I will nuke 'em.
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