PS4 Days Gone. 16.24 - Amazon Used

I was actually impressed by this game after picking it up from GS yesterday for around the same price. I bought a copy at launch but returned it due to bad reviews. It’s actually a decent game ... in some ways it’s more fun than the Last of Us.
I'm about 3 hours in playing on Hard and feeling reasonably challenged. The game is kind of clumsily constructed. Graphically uneven: beautiful open world with some rougher character models and animations. The narrative and voice acting is all over the place and sometimes the sudden emotional responses from characters either make no sense or are completely off-putting. The controls can be tweaked, but still feel a little muddy. Also I think the skill trees aren't well designed. And "freakers." Ugh. Why call them that?

I'm still enjoying it though. It's a solid B- game with some decent systems. It isn't hard to sink time into at all, just not very compelling and fresh. There are better things to play, but once you finish thooose, this is good gaming junk food.

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