PSA: GameFly Figured Out Gift Certificates


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Hi everyone. TL;DR: GameFly gift certificates are back and make sense now.

For as long as I’ve been using it or considering using it, GameFly has offered gift certificates under a very weird format: you could buy in 3-month, 6-month, or 12-month intervals, but 2 x 3-months were cheaper than 6-months and 2 x 6-months were cheaper than 12 months, so it always made sense to buy in 3-month intervals.

Over the past couple of years, gift certificates have been in and out of availability, and I know they have been out the past few weeks because I’ve been checking as my account was about to expire.

Today, they are back, and make much more sense. A 3-month plan is about $20 more expensive than it used to be, and is a very small savings over just paying monthly. However, 12 months of two games is now $180, which is $15/month, just slightly over the previous average price for a 3-month gift certificate. You can also buy an ELITE plan for $230/year, which is about $20/month rather than the normal cost of $30/month. As far as I can tell, the main difference is that you can “Lock” new releases one week before they come out rather than six weeks before, thereby ensuring that you’ll get more of the games you want right when they come out.

Finally, it’s a small deal because it was never enforced anyway, but the fine print does not seem to indicate that it is for new customers only. All in all, the cards are a bit more expensive than before, but also more sensible and more convenient.
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