PSN Gamesharing Feedback Thread

+1 to Amir for a Girl Fight phantom

+1 to Mageshadow for hosting FIFA 14 group

+1 to Iwarboy, Strange, Usuyami for being in my Lone Survivor group

+1 to boosted, factor747, and theliteone for being buyers in my lone survivor group

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+1 to BARTstation for purchasing a GTA V resell spot.

+1 to recon_zero for purchasing my Tales of Xilia resell spot.


I think this thread is a great idea. And btw, for what it's worth, thanks yanksfan for keeping track of all those +1's, it must be really time consuming. It sure does help our gamesharing community though.
Thanks Boss, appreciate that.

Feedback has been updated. Congrads to Boosted btw, he is now @ 100 feedback, first one to crack triple digits.

Lone Survivor

1. Strange
2. Usuyami
3. iwarboy
4. snakeybro

Armorec Core: Verdict Day

1. PancakesAreLove
2. Yanksfan
3. Dead_Batteries
4. Strange
+1 to the groups above.

+1 to Amir for Girl Fight phantom.
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+1 to mrcheeses (for buying Girl Fight)
+1 to Strange (for buying Girl Fight)
+1 to snakeybro (for buying Girl Fight)
+1 to Boosted (For Renting CSI)
+1 to Locoxx (for Buying Armored Core VDAY)
I bet MS would ban people for "game sharing".
They certainly do. They actually even just banned a wave of people who were creating accounts of different regions (such as bosnia) to get free games on their marketplace. Ex, bosnia just recently had rayman legends free, and a lot of ppl in the US who made accts to get it were console banned a day or two ago

+1 to pravado for selling me brothers
+1 back

+110 to Yanksfan for our arrangement. Not sure if that counts but it is feedback.
Same to you, as always. ;)

I'm heading down to south beach for the weekend, won't be able to update feedback until Mon, but keep posting it everyone.
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+1 to Cak for GTA Resell

+1 to Tasihun for GTA phantom

+1 to WonkyToad for Rugby Challenge resell

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