PSN Gamesharing Feedback Thread

-1 (Negative) feedback for CallanGWProx.

PSN/XBL: CallanGWProx

I paid the seller and did not receive Borderlands: Pre-Sequel (PS3) timeshare. To keep it short: seller was not responsive (over a month!), messages/refund were ignored. I recommend to avoid dealing with CallanGWProx.

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+1's to djhmetfan2, sierra, and djhmetfan2 for Resident evil 0 group we done

+1 to Cojiro for buying my ex-main account

+1 to ddp72984 for renting my old main account

+1 to Rolandino1 for buying my old main account

I think that's everyone. I need to make this a habit to post this information up. Sorry if I forgot anyone.

Sorry for the delay. 

+1 to JikiNova - sold me Fifa Street (PS3) account. Thanks

+1 to KrebStar - sold him MGS V (PS3) resell.

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+1 to Rolandino1 for buying a phantom of my main

+2 to ProfessorStotch for buying phantoms of Steins;Gate and Tokyo Twilight Ghost Hunters.

+1 Jikinova The Division Timeshare

+1 flameattack Dark Souls 2 Phantom

+2 Qdizzle Trackmania & Witness Phantoms

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