PSP Go M2 16GB Sony MSM16/TQ - Mark2 Memory Card - Genuine - Sony Ericsson


Hello everyone!

I'm selling a PSP Go M2 16 GB memory card. Please note it only works in the PSP Go and some select Cybershot cameras. Bought this a few years back, was shipped straight from Japan. Never got around to use it and my PSP Go is dead and buried. Figured if anyone else wanted it either to use or for collecting(?) then here's your chance!

::EDIT 11/6/2019:: Original listing didn't go anywhere, I've relisted and slashed the starting bid to $40!


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Uh oh! Looks like I asked for too much in the initial bid. That's why I've slashed the price in half! Starting bid at $40! I edited the OP with the new relisting but hey, I'll post it here too! If you have a bigger brain than me you can probably flip this for more cash! Let's try again:

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