Question about BestBuy $10 rewards on pre-orders


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Hey there, folks!  I was wondering if anyone knows if there's a rhyme or reason to when BestBuy will offer the $10 reward certificate for game pre-orders.  I've seen this on a number of games in the past, and as recently as CoD: IW, but when I look on their site right now, I don't see any pre-orders offering it.  It seems like this deal only comes up on high profile games, but beyond that I don't know when to expect it.  Is there a window of time before a game's release that this will pop up?  Any tips would be helpful.

To be fair here. The deal pops up on high profile games to help bring sales to them instead of competition. So expect the more demand a game has, the more likely for a $10 cert to show up

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