Replacing Eco-friendly (disc-cracking) Xbox 360 Cases.


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I'm fed up with these absolutely shitty cases. I could not be more careful and gentle with my games, but this is the 3rd time I've had to replace my Street Fighter IV disc because of cracks forming in the middle of my discs. I decided to look through my collection and noticed that there are also cracks starting to form in my other games that have these pathetic cases.


Does anyone know where I can purchase a grip of the old 360 cases? You know, the ones that actually protect your game, rather than splitting it down the middle like a 5 dollar whore?
[quote name='blindinglights']How exactly are the eco cases causing your discs to crack?[/QUOTE]

they "grip" the disc too tightly imo, i have not personally cracked any games using them (because i dont use them, i just use jewel cases for the disc's and use a small cd stand for them) but i have recieved a few games that are cracked due too these cases, i hate them. the eco-friendly cases for blu-ray's work perfectly fine, its just these cases that i dont like.
[quote name='blindinglights']How exactly are the eco cases causing your discs to crack?[/QUOTE]

As said before, these things are just poorly designed. The center that you press doesn't distribute the pressure evenly, causing your disc to splinter.

If you have any of these cases, I'd look at your discs closely. You may have small cracks forming without having noticed this.

I went through my entire collection and found 5 cracked discs. I own over 60 Xbox 360 games, and none of them have cracks on them except for the ones in these PoS cases.

[quote name='redfusion']This site seems to have some[/QUOTE]

This seems interesting. Unfortunate that you can only buy in excess bulk. The prices however, seem decent.

EDIT: I've sent them a mail to see if they could send me a single sample for me to judge its integrity. If they send one to me, I'll let you guys know how they are.
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This happened to my copy of Konami Classic Collection Vol. 1. I might end up just keeping my newer Xbox 360 games in a paper sleeve. I might just end up putting them in slim cd-r cases or generic dvd cases.
I just looked through my games and like 3-4 of my newer released games are like this and they all use those stupid cases.
You can get cases free from craigslist if you're lucky enough to find somebody who wants to put their game collection in a CD binder. Another good way might be to buy up cheap game lots and flip the discs back to Gamestop.
I've decided to just go the route of putting all my 360 games in generic jewel cases, and just leaving the original cases out for display.

I appreciate everyone's help and suggestions. If I could make one of my own, I would recommend that you guys get your games out of those god awful cases ASAP :nottalking:.
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