Resistance 2 Collector's Edition $30 Toys R Us

Have to go to Toys r us and pick up some GeoTrax stuff for my son, might have to check out the video game section to see what they have. Thanks!
[quote name='savesome']prices are always funny at toys r us, mw2 is cheaper than mw1 on the website.[/quote]
this is a slick deal!
sounds like a great deal, I would definitely try to get it at this price if I hadnt bought it for more awhile back
There is a slight chance it will drop to $19.98 on Monday since other games are having price drops for clearance, the reason I say slight chance is the last drop was in December and it didn't drop then.
It's been $30 for a long while now, but yeah it's a good deal. I've been able to pick one up during every one of their "$20+ gift card w/ new release" deals like Batman, Modern Warfare 2, etc. and flipped it to make my money back(plus a bit more)
anyone been able to find this deal? my local was sold out of both versions. Well they did not even have them displayed actually. Would like to jump on this though.
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