Retro-Bit Generations $19.99 @ Marshalls/TJ MAXX/Home Goods


It's the slightly newer version with 100 games on it. It can apparently be easily hacked to play roms from many different game consoles (Not that I support piracy, just something that I read online), and apparently it works with USB controllers like the Xbox 360 controller. It's not a bad deal for $20. Originally it was being sold for $80 with only 90 games two years ago. I picked one up just for the heck of it. $20 for 100 classic licensed arcade titles doesn't seem like a bad deal to me.
I checked out the reviews on Amazon, and there's lots of 1 stars that claim the emulation is terrible. How would you say it performs?
I actually haven't tried it yet, but I heard emulation wise that most games run well, a few run too fast, and one or two run too slow. I also think they may have released patches to make it better, I am under the impression that the version with 100 games that I got, is slightly newer than the original model that only had 90 games. It does have an SD card slot, which I think is used for saves and updates. Even if it's moderately okay, $20 for 100 arcade games seems like a great deal to me, just because I go to the arcade near my town and spend that much on a few games about once a month.
I recommend that people check out the Retro Bit Super Retrocade, it's actually a fairly nice little Mini console that is far better than the Generations, which was a big disappointment. However you need to get version 1.1 of the Super Retrocade, not the original version, because they added some great features to version 1.1 including the ability to turn off the annoying "smoothing" filter and play additional games directly off the SD card slot (no hacking required). Emulation is very good and the official games included have many great arcade games that are not commonly seen on these kinds of products . It's 69.99 and I got mine from Castlemania games on eBay, which specifically advertises it as version 1.1.
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