RiteAid BonusCash rewards for June 14-20, 2020 ... 20% ROI on Xbox & Nintendo


5 (100%)
Slim but relevant pickings in this week's Rite-Aid ad:

  • XBOX ... $5 BonusCash when you buy $25 of these items (20% ROI).*
  • Nintendo ... $3 BonusCash when you buy $19.99 of these items (15% ROI).*
For those who are new to the "Rite-Aid wellness+ reward BonusCash" program, you'll receive the $$$ amount when you purchase the minimum amount specified. Gift-cards within the same bullet-point share the same "limit 2 offers per customer", but you can earn rewards on the other bullet-point lines as well. For example, you can purchase $50 of XBOX credit plus $40 of Nintendo.  The BonusCash will arrive in your account by 6am EDT the next morning, and can be used for just about anything except gift cards, alcohol, prescriptions, or dairy products (see "Earning BonusCash").

FYI, the BonusCash T&C's now say the cash expires after 60 days, while the weekly ad still says "30 days". My phone's RiteAid app says my current BonusCash expires more than 30 days from now, so that might resolve the discrepancy. :whistle2:k

Screenshot of the 2 GC offers (bullet points) included here:
Small print (at bottom of weekly ad) and BonusCash T&C's included here:
Small print at bottom of the page

*BonusCash will be awarded when you purchase eligible promoted items. Unless noted otherwise, wellness+ rewards BonusCash purchase requirements must be satisfied in a single transaction. Wellness+ BonusCash will be loaded automatically to wellness+ rewards card only for use in-store or at riteaid.com, beginning at 6AM on the day after issuance. BonusCash will expire 30 days from the date it was first issued. Buy one get one free good on items equal or lesser value of the same brand, no mix & match. Buy one get one free items offered at regular price, application sales tax applies. Wellness+ rewards enrollment required for promotional pricing and BonusCash rewards.
wellness+ Terms & Conditions:
Earning BonusCash

BonusCash will be awarded when you purchase eligible promoted items. wellness+ BonusCash is or will be loaded automatically to wellness+ or Plenti® card ( :^o ) only for use in-store or at riteaid.com, beginning at 6AM on the day after issuance. BonusCash for online purchases will be issued after the entire order has shipped. BonusCash will expire 60 days from the date it was first issued. The products on which wellness+ BonusCash can be earned are determined by Rite Aid, in its sole discretion, and will change from time to time without notice. BonusCash cannot be earned from the purchase of tobacco products, alcohol, lottery tickets, gift cards, licenses, money orders, money transfers, newspapers, stamps, other mail services, dairy products, items and services distributed by RediClinic®, items distributed by Moran Foods and Save-A-Lot® Food Stores, prescriptions, or other items prohibited by law, or for the payment of prescription copays, tax or shipping costs(together, “Excluded Items”). You can check your Rite Aid BonusCash balance here.

Redeeming BonusCash

BonusCash is promotional in nature, has no cash value, and is not redeemable for cash - it can only be applied toward the purchase of eligible merchandise sold at Rite Aid stores and on-line at www.riteaid.com. wellness+ BonusCash cannot be used for Excluded Items or prescriptions (including co-pays). BonusCash cannot be applied to previous purchases, even if on the same day. You can redeem BonusCash during the checkout process by providing either your wellness+ card or the phone number associated with your account. Although Rite Aid may as a courtesy inform you at check-out that you have BonusCash available for redemption, you may choose to use or save your BonusCash for use on a later date, subject to expiration as described below. Online purchases made with BonusCash will ship in the normal course of business.

Last Updated: January 1, 2020 ... by a really fuck 'ing bad lawyer. :rofl:
FYI ... the limit of "2 offers per customer" is tracked by your "wellness+ rewards" account, so you'll need to limit yourself to 2 offers per line item throughout the week, and not just "2 per transaction" or "2 per day". At the time of purchase, your printed receipt will indicate how many of the "limit 2" you've met, but neither the website nor register will indicate ...

  • if you've met the limit of 2 items per BonusCash group with the current transaction, or
  • if the transaction you're about to complete exceeds the limit of 2 per week, or
  • when your BonusCash rewards will expire.
Luckily the RiteAid mobile app (but neither the mobile nor desktop websites) lists your individual accumulation & cashing out on a per transaction basis, so that's a good way to keep tabs on the expiration dates, since you only get 60 days to spend the BonusCash once earned. Good luck!

Spending $25 that you can only redeem on Xbox to get a bonus $5 that you can only redeem at Rite-Aid within 60 days isn't something I'd consider a steal. Guess it's nice to think that $5 to use on groceries and pharma that can be bought for cheaper elsewhere is an investment, though...

The better deal is the 10% cash back for Rite Aid purchases when you use your Chase credit card. Get that $20 PSN, Xbox, eShop card for $18 with no extra effort. You have to activate it in your “current offers” section, but you don’t have to come back to the store to buy a bag of M&M’s with your space-bucks.
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