Sanders idea to let the post office handle some banking services.

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Can anyone find anything wrong with his proposal? There are a lot of policies that I can see how we are all super divided on but this one seems pretty common sense. The post office becomes solvent and Americans who use cash loan and other shady lending services get a big win. Over time the number of services the post office offered could increase til we have government run banks/Post Offices big enough to take some of the sting out of the next big banking collapse.

I also think it is an amazingly brilliant idea because it helps address the growing issue of financial fraud. My wife and I have always stayed with credit unions hating the big banks stupid fees and it morally felt the civic minded thing to do. However in recent years we have had issues several times with the credit union itself being hacked and our data being stolen. Right now today we have no access to our card or account thanks to this issue raising its ugly head again. I would feel soooooo much more comfortable banking with the goverment/post office then I would any bank or credit union.

So, what are the down sides you guys are seeing? Personally I think it has to be one of the most sensible ideas of this campaign and should be fairly non controversial.....should be

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I like the USPS, they are more reliable than UPS and Fedex. But I hate it that they are Congress' bitch. They are mostly bankrupt because of Congress passing some stupid law having them pay employee benefits 75 years in advance, which frankly makes no damn sense.

Bernie Sanders' plan of turning the Post Office a lot more self-reliant would require a lot of reforms to be done, especially when the USPS is nowhere near as efficient as Japan Post is. It does feel like the day we get bullet trains in the country, we'll be getting a USPS Savings Bank. Neither of which is possible with the current Congress.

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Post Office as bank is what they do in Japan... but that is ingrained in their culture since they've been doing that forever. Whatever you individually think of the post office, most people have a bad impression of their service (primarily because of wait times in line!). I doubt many people will give them money with confidence or for convenience.

So China would have instant access to all of our info? No thanks.
Your logic makes no sense. I would rather have the US goverment backing my money in cyber space then any bank or CU. Besides whats the Chinese goverment want with my banking info? Some Chinese kid on a phone in his bedroom or Russian kid on a laptop is 10x the threat if banking with your average sources, and thats where the real danger is.

Your logic makes no sense. I would rather have the US goverment backing my money in cyber space then any bank or CU. Besides whats the Chinese goverment want with my banking info? Some Chinese kid on a phone in his bedroom or Russian kid on a laptop is 10x the threat if banking with your average sources, and thats where the real danger is.
Don't bother, he's clearly of the mentality that private business and the free market economy always do a better job of everything than the government ever will.
Your logic makes no sense. I would rather have the US goverment backing my money in cyber space then any bank or CU. Besides whats the Chinese goverment want with my banking info? Some Chinese kid on a phone in his bedroom or Russian kid on a laptop is 10x the threat if banking with your average sources, and thats where the real danger is.
China keeps hacking into government agencies.

Well first of all it is probably unconstitutional. Since the agency is already a bureaucratic and inefficient monster then why would anyone think this is a financially smart decision is beyond me. Even if we jump in now who knows what will happen to the funding and regulations under another administration. This uncertainty should alarm anyone who thinks this is a good idea.

Now in regards to hacking, well I would much rather stay with a private company. The government agency would be a prime target and a small credit union probably not so much. Should they fuck up then there are real consequences for such company vs a government agency that gets a slap on a wrist. 

Yeah, the government is great at identify protection.  The post office is also the perfect organization to handle banking since they have a proven record of financial responsibility.  It would also save time by handing the government access to all our money right away rather than going through the unpleasant process of the IRS strong arming taxpayers.

Gotta love the way conservatives break something then judge it based on being broken. The liberals of the board already dealt with and dismissed the financial issues. Again those were created by Bush and his silly funding of retirement plans.  I know when it comes to reading comprehension though cons have this amazing ability to just go right past facts without even processing them.

You dont get to deflate the foot ball then complain we should not be playing football because the ball never has air. You do not get to put finacial hurdles in a government agencies path and then complain it has financial issues. Maybe liberals would believe more conservative arguments if you tried something different and let government fail occasionally vs always breaking it to try to prove your false points.

Gotta love when liberals try to force everything on everyone. New government program here, more welfare there but let me grab some of that money from this group of people because they have to pay their fair share. Its like let people make their own fucking choices. Good or bad, it is their choice. 

First lets agree that Bush was never a conservative. He ran on that platform and then decided to expand the government and throw conservatism out of the window. Want to talk about cons breaking something? Sure, that would be exactly my point. If democrats go create some bureaucratic monster which lets say runs somewhat efficiently, it will most likely be dismantled or paralyzed when another party takes over. This is what happens when one party tries to force their agenda on the other side. Happened to republicans, happened to democrats. 

I dislike most of the people in today's conservative movement as they are becoming more anti-freedom but I am starting to hate liberals. Its like pick up a fucking a book. Read something on economics or read the newspaper. With imbeciles like Paul Ryan running the congress and Obama "most transparent president" letting NSA spy on every single American why would you want more government in your life? 

Bush cuts taxes and deregulates crashing the economy = not conservative

Coolidge does the same = Hero of the movement

Democrats fail to create new social programs for 30-50 years and let Reagan and Bush cut taxes and deregulate the economy yet you keep talking about liberals as though they are in power and ruining things.

Your logic makes absolutely no sense. From what I just pointed out above to your comments on the founding fathers comparing them to the gun nuts in Oregon you are just delusional and its REALLY hard to make sense of the way you view the world. Especially when your so hostile vs ever actually elaborating on your views.

And you really should stop being rude and telling people to pick up a book when everyone at this board has ran circles around you. You live in a bubble where a select few proud conservative Americans are standing up to some invisible government that just does not exist outside of your head. Socialism and liberal programs have not been given a chance in this country and where they have they have either worked or been screwed over by Republican conservatism(see the post office and again SSI). Nothing anyone says reaches you though and each response you get more hostile, so I think ill do something I have not had to do since returning and add you to ignore. It amazes me how much so many people at this board grew up over the last few years. Many people that you could not have a conversation with before have clearly mellowed and matured.  You have stayed the same. I guess constantly having the fear section of your brain lit up makes it hard to evolve.

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Please do not compare Bush and Coolidge. Both people are clearly different, all you have to do is read their Wikipedia pages. Clearly one of them is conservative and the other is not. 

I do not know how long you have been on this forum or if you read any of my posts before but I blame both parties. Democracts did a lot of damage especially after FDR but Republicans messed up real good as well. Programs have been popping up, heck you probably heard of Obamacare or that one law that allowed the government to overhear and record every conversation and then detain a person if they are suspected of terrorism. 

Please tell me you read my follow up in the Oregon section. I think I explained myself pretty clearly. Let me know if I need to expand on that for you. 

You keep saying I need to stop being rude but have you not read any of your own posts of that of your liberal friends on these forums? Seriously, have you?

Socialism has been given a very fair chance in this world. It made things worse in Europe, we experienced parts of it under FDR and economy never recovered under his leadership. This is pretty basic knowledge for anyone who understands economics. I used to be a socialist in my early college days and then after reading, examining countries around the world I realized the socialist system is absolute trash. Not just from economic point of view but that of ethics. You are also right that Republicans mess things up which is the point I was trying to make clear to you. Do you not realize that there will be that other side that wants things to be different, that does not want to be bothered or overtaxed? 

If you want to ignore me then no worries, I think it was clear to me that you have no interest in looking at things from another perspective. 

PS: Thats a picture if Jacob Dylan posing for his shoot for his album "women and country". 

All I know is, when I walk into Chase I am met with a friendly smile and quick efficient customer service and when I walk into a USPS I am met with long lines to wait in, grumpy workers wishing you were not there so they could take another break and inefficient processes. If they were the bank I would just keep all my money in cash in a safe in my house to avoid having to use them.

Oh and also, Bernie is old. That is all.
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