Seen a Chupacabra?

i don't even know what is a Chupacabra, or what it even looks like. so i can't say

This thread reminded me of that episode of Workaholics where Blake throws the chupacabraj up into the ceiling fan in the courtroom. That scene had me gagging.

I saw something when I use to live in Downtown Miami in the late 90's.... years later based on what I read it must have been a Chupacabra.


"I was attacked yesterday morning by a very rarely seen or experienced animal called 'chupacabra.' I fought with it for hours. They're very persistent, very mean. And I'm pretty sure it came into my suitcase. I threw him off the 23rd floor. So we'll never see him again. Thank you for understanding," he said.

We heard a crazy ass noise Thursday night while sitting out on our deck. It sounded huge. Sorta like a monkey. Freaked us out how loud and close it was. It was like a zoo noise or something. Upon researching I *think* it was a barred owl. It must have been gigantic. And it didn't sound like it came from a tree - it sounded like it came from the ground sorta behind our shed.

Also - thumbs up for the Ween love Bumslie! I hear rumors they are reuniting for 2016 touring!

There's a theory that the Chupacabra is a remnant of a breeding pair of Thylacine. However, this is all nonsense. No Chupacabra 

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