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I know, I know, modding and piracy is hating amongst most on these then you should be glad that I'm getting rid of my modded Xbox!!! This past Christmas, I went through such a hassle to get my Xbox modded. I spent $120 on a 120 gig HDD, and $50 on a top-of-the-line modchip. I had to wait for them to come in, then pay $50 for a certain someone to install both componets. It turns out he is a lazy and procrastinating bastard, so the actual process of installing took about a month. Then, he messed up the dashboard file, and it opened up the Xbox Live dash when the modchip was on (for those of you that don't know, this means I'm banned)!!! He said he'd provide me with a new EEPROM, which is a file that gets me un-banned. It's been about two months since he said that, he still hasn't gotten around to emailing to me, because, like I said before, he's a lazy and procrastinating bastard. Sure, there are a wide array of apps (applications) I could put on my Xbox that might make it being modded with no Xbox Live support worth while, but he never explained to me how to add those!!! You might think it'd be easy, that's what I thought, but it's actually a lot more complicated than expected. I've only successfully installed one prgram, a program that enables me to modify my EEPROM, but first I need the actual EEPROM!!! Well, I guess you could call it successful when someone had to guide you through it over mIRC and you accidently cancelled out the only ROM's you had on the HDD. About ROM's, I only had 150 Genesis ones, which definitely isn't what I payed $200+ for. Especially since I can just get them for the DC, which is what I'd rather do if I had the choice between the two. Then, there's the possibility of downloading games on HDD, which is why I got the 120 gig HDD. But, you know, ever since I started going to this site, I've started taking pride of my collection of games, so I decided I'll either rent, borrow, or buy games, no downloading (besides old school ROM's of course). Now, my last two motivations of selling my modded Xbox. 1) I'll get at least $150 profit after buying a brand-new Xbox 2) I'll get to have a brand-new Xbox, maybe even get my hands on a Halo Xbox. Speaking of Special Editon Halo Xboxes, can I still get them from stores, or do I have to get them from eBay? Oops, I kinda lost track of what this thread was originally about. OK, does anyone know of where I can sell my modded Xbox besides eBay? I don't really wanna sell it on eBay because I'm afraid no one will buy it since I've only seen one on there ever.
Not many people are going to pay much for a modded Xbox... especially a botched up modification at that.

I doubt most legitimate internet auction sites or storefronts would deal with an already modded piece of hardware, thanks to the heavy connotation that has with piracy.. they don't want or need the problems that would get them in with Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft.

Tradeboards don't seem to take very well to them either... if it doesn't bother you to pirate software, it's not unreasonable for them to assume that it wouldn't bother you to rip them off.

If you're going to do anything with it, it would most likely be here or somewhere were people won't just laugh in your face because you're trying to sell it.
It's not a "botched" modification. The HDD and modchip are installed just fine, I just don't have a use for it. You can easily read up on the internet and learn how to install apps, I just didn't feel like I should have to go through more hassle to work the thing, so I didn't do that. For anyone that does buy it and wants to get on Xbox Live, EEPROM's can be bought off many Xbox modding sites from users, usually for $10. So for someone who wants a modded Xbox with the same specs as mine, this is a good buy. It also has a stylin' Soul Calibur 2 skin on it as well :wink: .
How much are you asking for it? It will definitely need to be cheaper than you paid for it since you can get a 120 GB HD for 70 bucks now and a 4th gen. modchip is only around 50 bucks. Also, getting banned from Live is a pretty big knock against it. I know you can buy/re-flash the eeprom but if you think it is too much of a pain in the butt, other people do too. Anyway, I am somewhat interested. What kind of chip does it have? Email me at:

[email protected]

and let me know what your price is.

[quote name='BasketCase1080']I kno stores in wisconsin still have them. What ever happened to limited edition meaning that anymore?[/quote]

Are you kidding me? They only made 200,000. LOL JK
Yes, everything works fine except Xbox Live. But you can fix it if you can get an clean EEPROM, meaning the Xbox the EEPROM belonged to has never been on Live and never does. You can find these on Xbox mod forums easy for about $10, or if you got a friend that doesn't go online with his Xbox, you can get it from him/her. The program to put the new EEPROM on the Xbox is already installed.
Well, I was thinking $320 for the Xbox, a CD with the BIOS, just in case something happens, two controllers, my personal assistance :D , and, uh, maybe a free game, and some extras...
OH yeah, I forgot to ask, where can I get a SE Halo Xbox besides EB? My EB just stopped getting shipments this weekend, I have yet to call my Gamestop, but I doubt they'll have it...
[quote name='XboxMaster']Well, I was thinking $320 for the Xbox, a CD with the BIOS, just in case something happens, a CD with some Xbox ROM's, two controllers, my personal assistance :D , and, uh, maybe a free game.[/quote]

Mods, Please lock this thread now. Modded hardware is one thing, ROMS are quite another.
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