Shrek: The Whole Story - (Blu Ray gift set) $19.99 @ Best Buy *Shipping only*

You can order again but it's backordered (2-4 weeks) 

Sold out again but it the store pick up option is there now

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Got this message:
No stores within a hundred miles. Have a nice day and go f**k yourself a**hole.
Mine said that too. I got there and they had like 5 or 6 copies on the shelf. Bought a copy for a gift, but without the 3D versions I have no interest in this myself.

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Many stores should now have a twelve foot section of Easter movies and other family friendly fare.
Ah Ill drop by then. I did a check on store inventory and it said it didnt have any. So I dont know, maybe they arent part of inventory since its a holiday display and maybe they will have one.

Got one today, the first row of flicks was a huge Easter shelf with a hodgepodge of random flicks (Springfield, Pa) - rang up @ 19.99 (as advised, the online tool stated that none were available).

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Website showed none in stock. Went to my local best buy searched for 20 minutes before finding the display in the corner of the store. There was 2 left.
Got some time to kill today. Might as well check it out at the store, no matter what inventories say. They sold so many, the product is no longer available online, ever again.

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