SNK 40th Anniversary Collection (Switch)


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Oh thats right, Orion isnt the only one who can post here! Unless he actually is per the guidelines, I missed it, and this will lead to a ban...

I reviewed the SNK 40th Anniversary Collection for the Nintendo Switch releasing next week. Check out my review below!

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Good overall collection. Whether you enjoy it or not will completely depend on your love for these type of retro games and the hangups one might find with difficulty/gameplay/etc. The collection peks are nice though!
lol, that's a bit uncalled for but you're probably not wrong. It was not my intention to spam up the reviews subforum and I usually only post a new topic when I got a new finished review out. I also usually have a horror marathon every year so October is normally the month where I post here the most (that's why the second page of results has a bunch of new topics from me). But that second page was all from last year too, so only a few people actually posted in this subforum. If I'm doing something wrong here, please let me know. It's better to talk to me about it than just go straight into a ban.

Anyways, good review! I only played a few SNK titles outside of The King of Fighters and Fatal Fury series. I also had a Neo Geo Pocket, which is actually a good handheld system. I played the NES version of Athena once several years ago and thought it was one of the worst games I ever played for the system. I also played the NES Ikari Warriors and the game was fundamentally flawed. It's very slow-moving, clunky, has tank controls and you'd have to use a cheat code (A B B A) to get you through most of the game. I personally don't recommend either one of them. For the most part, I played SNK games for their excellent (but very difficult) fighters.

Im sorry, I just say it in jest as it appears you were the only one using this forum. I apologize if I sounded like an ass, I promise that wasnt my intention!

Hopefully Ill be able to join you more often in this forum! Its pretty impressive how frequently you get a review up. You probably finished more games in October than I have all year!
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It's cool. I did expect at some level that someone might comment on my activity in the subforum since I'm usually the only one posting in it. I was actually wondering if any of the staff here might ask me about it, but no one has approached me about it yet. So I guessed they're either fine with it or just don't care, so I kept posting here every time I finish a new review.

And I actually played the horror games in advance and prepared the reviews in advance too. I just picked the month of October to post them since... well, you know, horror. For the first time I did the review marathon, I actually did manage to post at least one review every day of the month. But as I got more responsibilities in life, this got a lot more difficult. Only got 9 reviews out for this year's marathon. Last year, I had 25. My productivity dropped big, lol.

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