Social Media Associate for Cheap Ass Gamer Job Listing.


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Social Media Associate for Cheap Ass Gamer

Key Responsibilities

Create Instagram Posts on Deals Cheap Ass Gamer Reports on

Create Instagram Stories on Deals Cheap Ass Gamer Reports on

Reply to any Instagram questions the Cheap Ass Gamer community has on a deal

Required Qualifications

Graphic design experience (online portfolio required)

Experience in using Instagram

Submitting weekly reports

Free to Work 1-2 Hours Every Sunday-Thursday

Able to work from home, must have a PC with photo editing software.


Has run an Instagram Business Account Before

Has a basic to moderate knowledge of video games

Keeps up with current video game related news

Email resume to: [email protected]

Is the position still open? I'm very interested in this position, but I'm not sure I have the right graphic design portfolio.However, I have worked for a popular Instagram profile promotion company, so I have a good understanding of how it all works and could be a helpful employee. Please email if this position is still open, preferably in private message. I don't know if it makes sense to write to the email attached. Respectfully, Scott.

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