Some Arcade1up Partycades, Countercades and Couchcades $71 ea @


28 (100%)
Arcade1up systems are part of the Deal of the Week(?, it's every Tuesday) on Tamron Hall's talk show deal site. Like many talk shows, Tamron Hall has a deals portion of the show. This seems legit to me as it's a highly syndicated daytime emmy award winning tv show produced by ABC with a high profile former news anchor, but I have no experience with it.

The units included are Ms Pacman Partycade, Super Pacman Partycade, Ms Pacman Countercade, Super Pacman Countercade (sold out currently), Atari Couchcade and Pacman Couchcade. All are $79 each with free shipping. There's a 10% off coupon code, Welcome10, for signing up for deal alerts if wish to try it and your price will be $71.10.

There's more items than they had on the show that are on the site. I don't know if that means the deals may last thru Tuesday or longer or less, maybe until it sells out?

This is a new segment in the show which started this season of the show which explains why the website is new and thus is the first time it included anything gaming related. I don't generally trust new websites, but considering it links directly from The Tamron Hall Show's main website and is part of her show it should be legit.

And, yes I posted this on SD first. I came here first, but I've had trouble getting my password reset for the last day so i posted it there so it could help somewhere.
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