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South Park The Fractured But Whole -  Game Review - "A Bigger, Longer, Uncut Sequel"
The premise is you are the new kid and your friends come get you from the previously game. They are playing a new game and you have been demoted and need to work your way up to the top. You main quest is to find a lost cat and collect a reward. The game introduces you to the new grid combact from the previous turn based combat. The game opens up quite well  thorough for the first 75%. I like the powers and being able to replace my class. You are never locked to that class. If you want to play as the mage you can at any time. You will eventually unlock ability to open up more classes as you progress. There is a very open minded view to combat viables. The items help you spec for the class and it helps the balance of combat based on you fighting style. The cutscenes are very well done except the end due to the pacing coming to a halt. I find myself wanting to be done due to the repetitive nature of the bosses towards the end. The story does get muddled as well during the end. There is quite a confusing sub plot and if your not paying close enough attention you can get quite lost. To be frank it gets quite weird. Plus there is alot of difficult moral decision that doens't give much positive results. I found some options only effected dialogue and didn't effect anything else. There is alot of illusion of choice even if you decision doens't really matter. The driving factor though even with all of this weird, ridiculous plot devices and story sections is a glue that is funny timely comedy throughout the entire game. The gameplay mechanics that stood out where the battles and the variables where nice. Later in the game some enemies feel not very difficult even on the higher difficulties. A pro tip if you want to make your hardest playthrough easier use  ubisoft points to acquire the bonus items which really overpower your characters and crafting. I found that there are some quick time animations that worked kind of wonky and made healing very easy. While you're are defending you are told about a timing queue to gain some health back but as of now you can just mash the button and you will with 100% certainty gain back health.  I found the animations did become repetitive after passing the 20 hour mark. Most Trophy/achievement are mostly obtainable.This game can be completed in one playthrough on the highest difficulty. Though for this review is was completed in 2 playthoughs. This is where south park may cross the line if your are a agenda driven individuals. The difficulties are based off skin color and there are several situations in the game that definitely crossed the line in the politically correct world we are living in today. I am on the side that this is for pure comedic tone so I don't see myself getting offended. I will also say if you are a fan of south park this won't cause you to leave the show or game behind. Due to the game not being extremely difficult it will open up people who are newer to this type of gameplay with the grid style crpg. I am hopeful for the DLC story expansion if they can retain this level of comedic humor. I loved how the game played off current pop culture. It really embraces the shows mentality. This is very telling due the involvement of the creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker. There are some things that didn't mesh in the game that weren't directly story connected. The big one was battle buddies, characters that assisted you in battle. The big letdown on this was you couldn't change their battle abilities. This let some of the battle buddies stand out but made some characters completely ineffective. I stated earlier that the bosses towards the end did halt up pacing. I wanted to state that some bosses where very special and memerable. I will trend softly due to not wanting to ruin the story, but I wanted to talk about a certain battle that required me to move quickly and kill swiftly to keep my character from getting killed in a very funny fashion. This battle truely stuck out to me and South Park has alot of these little moments. Whether it comments from characters in the show or interruptions in the middle of a battle for a car to drive through. South park was always trying to make me laugh. I also found the followers system for selfies to be very satifying and got me to talk to more characters and do favor for others to gain more reputation.  This was the biggest standout game for me in the month of october. It was nice to see so much care taken with this IP. I feel that this is the south park that the TV show wishes it could be. It doesn't hold hand in the political correct spectrum and has a great combat system that makes for quality one liners or random events that connect all the humorous moments. I had a hard time finding a a really negative feature about this title. There were some frustrating moments due to lack of preparation. That is mostly user error and that game does remind you that you may be running into a difficult situation and you should prepare yourself properly. If the biggest negative is boss fatigue from too many bosses, in the long run that really isn't that bad. This game is how a sequel should be done and it functions without any noticeable bugs. This being a ubisoft title, that is a accomplishment on its own. I have no problem telling you to buy this title, especially if you are a fan of the show. This is how games should represent their source material. I found myself constantly lost in the good way whether is was looting houses, doing side-quests and just listening to the excellent voice work in the title. This game will be on the radar for Game of the Year due to its quality and being very abstract from what is currently out there. This game doesn't take itself to seriously even with serious subjects layered throughout its world. This is a mature title. You have been warned. This video is a new approach to impressions/reviews. In our final take we will reach out to our community members to have them partake in a final impressions. We would just like to thank our patron that helped us out building this review together. If you too would like to be part of our channel. Check out our patron or comment on our videos. 
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