Squarehard wants all of your Switch games! Switch games damnit! SWITCH! Just sell me everything you've got! $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

i have these blu rays(a cpl may be gone, and i have a few not listed, will update with you after if i get a chance)

Spiderman 3
Vantage Point
Chain Reaction
Devils Rejects
Starship Trooper
Blue Planet
Band of Brothers region free sealed :bomb:
Fast and Furious 4 movie set region free
Pirates of the Carribean full set region free sealed
Full Metal Jacket sealed
Alice in Wonderland Blu+DVD+Digital copy combo pack
King Arthur sealed
Kill Bill 1 and 2 sealed
The Doors sealed
Brooklyns Finest sealed
Sherlock Holmes blu+dvd+digital copy sealed
Seven sealed
American Gangster sealed
Speed Racer
Lord of the Rings Trilogy
x-men: Wolverine sealed
Fight Club sealed
Public Enemy blu+digital copy sealed
Evil Dead 2
Ninja Assassin sealed
Nightmare Before Christmas blu+digital copy
G.I. Joe
Planet Earth
Live Free or Die Hard
Pearl Harbour
Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back
Resevoir Dogs sealed
Harry Potter Sorcerers Stone
Harry Potter Chamber of Secrets
Harry Potter Prizoner of Azkaban
Harry Potter Goblet of Fire
Harry Poter Half Blood Prince sealed
Avatar blu+dvd
Percy Jackson blu+dvd+digital copy sealed
The Crazies blu+digital copy sealed
The Hurt Locker
Gladiator Sapphire Edition sealed
Greenzone blu+dvd
Class of the Titans blu+dvd+digital copy sealed
Requiem for a Dream
Inglorious Bastards 2 disc edition sealed
A Scanner Darkly Sealed

i want gasaraki and blood
Some people are telling me that silver is where to put your money, but I can see at least one guy is betting blue. o_O

Another $190 gone, and now I only has $534 left to spend on blu-rays!

Quick people! I need blu-rays!!!

Hey Square, what did you think of Gasaraki? It wasn't my cup of tea, but I never forget a set that was Amazon-flippable ;)
I'm just under 100 with a few TV series' mixed in.

I have like 6-7 at home that I'm not accounting for atm though. Really want some anime blus.

I did get the Halo Legends limited Steel book from a CAG this week though. :>

Long rambled return bump. :)
arGGGGG... I was piling up some games and I was going through the ps2 ones Grandia II hit me in the head.

O'Well... I'm over the 200 mark in DS games....
bread's done