The 2013/2014 NBA Thread (LBJ is a Cav)

My initial reaction to the GM thing was :shock: :shock: :shock: !!??!!?? Kim Kardashian was almost married as long as he was with us...No big deal. He probably wasn't comfortable with how involved Donnie and Mark get into basketball decisions.

Why don't you just get the full League Pass? Early Bird special is only 50 bucks more (until Nov 5th) and you get mobile and online free.

Don't have cable.

If someone does League Pass online, will you tell me if it is worth a damn this year. Deadspin always says that it is shit, and I don't want to throw down 130 on crap.
There's a free trial lasting till November 5th if you want to try it yourself.

I must say that I'm pretty surprised by the Lakers so far.
I would say the exact same thing but replace 'Lakers' with Clippers ... I know it's only day 1, but this looks like the same old regular season team they've been the past couple years. Doc Rivers was the biggest signing of the summer behind Dwight. I guess we'll have to give him some time but first impression didn't say much. I expected a comfortable 8-12 point win the other way. Props to the Lakers. They looked good.

Only one game, but anyone else think the Clippers should start shopping Griffin? His development has been pretty nonexistent, might be time to see what they can get for him. Still only 1 game so maybe its just season opening jitters.

Did anybody else see Norris Cole absolutely destroy Rose's ankles with his crossover?
If you look at it from another angle, you can see pretty clearly that Rose got tripped up by Birdman.

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How does the leg of a near 7-footer tripping up Rose not matter? The play wouldn't have looked nearly as nice if it wasn't embellished by the fact that Rose got tripped up by Andersen and fell down. 

Rose fell for it pretty clearly, I'll concede that. The trip is what made it dramatic, though.

Hope he settles down as the season gets underway.

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I knew it was gonna be a tough game tonight but Harden and Howard took that 4th quarter over. Howard especially just looked fantastic, he put up 17 pts. 26 rbs.

Howard and Asik alone out-rebounded the Bobcats 40-37.

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The Pelicans' new mascot, Pierre the Pelican....


Seems like Rose was trying to go over the screen and tripped.

The reaction to that play over the net reminds me of how stupid people got over those blake griffin dunks on pau gasol, when anyone who watched it and payed attention clearly saw 2 offensive fouls.

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Bad game,but  fortunate ending. If Rose missed this shot the post-game narrative about his return would be completely opposite:

Yea, outside of his 3s Curry was pretty bad. Warriors need Barnes and Ezeli back on the bench, its pretty mediocre right now.

Really fun game though, Clippers/Warriors would make a crazy playoff matchup

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It looked like the Mavs were going to make a come back knocking down those desperation 3s but they didn't have Howard to foul so they were fucked.

James Harden took over the first half of the 4th quarter and fouled out Dirk on a 2-and-1 to seal the game.

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Rockets had a garbage first half but managed to pull off the comeback win against the Jazz. James Harden once again just goes off in the 2nd half.

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The Warriors have ended Phillys streak. And in a pretty devastating fashion as well. Iggy was just nasty and Curry put up a triple-double.

T-Wolves also lost, so that leaves the only remaining undefeated teams the Rockets and Pacers.

Hopefully my Rockets can have a good game against the Clippers tonight.

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Golden State is my dark horse out of the West this year. They're a really solid team.
Would you actually consider them a dark horse? A ton of people had them as the breakout team in the West before the season started.

The Clippers needed the type of showing they put on tonight to establish themselves as an elite team out West. They've put that Laker loss waaay behind them.

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Things aren't looking to good for the Knicks.

Tyson Chandler suffered a non-displaced fracture of his right fibula last night, and is now going to be out 4-6 weeks. Chandler is pretty much the Knicks entire defense, so I wonder how, or if, they can cope with his absence.

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Impressed by the Magic so far. Seem much improved from last year with the young guys making strides.

Looking forward to seeing them in Atlanta Saturday night.
Anybody been to a game yet? My friend managed to get some decent tickets to the Rockets/Lakers game tonight and I was invited, so this will be my first game in person this season.

Lets go Rockets!

Is this a good spot to share pictures from games attended?  I have some from previous years, and I wouldn't mind seeing stuff from other people.

I'll be going to Mavs/Spurs the day after Christmas in Dallas...Rivalry games are the best to attend. Usually I'm in the minority as I've gone to a bunch in San Antonio so this time will be awesome to be with my peeps lol

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