The MST3K, Rifftrax, Cinematic Titanic thread.


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I searched around and found no thread like this on here so I figured I'd start one. This thread will be dedicated to talking about all things riff. You can talk about your favorite mst3k episodes, your favorite RT/CT movie riff, anything at all.

I grew up watching mst3k on comedy central then sci-fi channel, and recently started picking up the old episodes again and watching them, I've also caught quite a few rifftrax, and a few CT movies too. I just finished up watching RT cover The Room for about the 6th time, I can't get enough of that craptastic movie, and they just make it so much better.

So if your a fan, and just wanna talk about anything, here is the place, and remember to have fun or Coily the spring sprite will send you to hell! :bouncy:
Haha, that's hilarious because I saw that episode about 5 days ago and changed my name on xbox to "Beefy McIronslab":whee:
I've been a MSTie since I was a kid too. I still have some old, circulated VHS tapes lying around, including a Turkey Day marathon. I'm a bigger fan of Joel than I am Mike, so Rifftrax is kind of hit and miss for me.

Sadly, CT is calling it quits so I don't think we'll see their last live show on DVD. Now that I've said it though, releasing their very last show (with a big goodbye to everyone at the end) would be a terrific idea.
It does suck that CT is gonna stop touring, though they haven't said complete quits on CT as a whole. They can possibly come out with more dvds in the future which wouldn't be nearly as time consuming as touring, they could also still have a live show here and there every so often if they wanted to after 2013. I watched Doomsday Machine 2 days ago, was pretty funny, loved the megaphone bit with Joel constantly blaring the countdown while Trace is trying to talk lol.
I got into mst3k during the Joel era, but honestly his sense of humor and delivery never did it for me. Plus all of my favorite episodes are during the Mike era.
Yeah you can definitely see a difference in the Joel/Mike humour, but that's why I love them both, it's humour that caters to my feelings when I'm choosing an episode to watch lol.
I love how it's still being kept alive at all, it's such an awesome show. I wish that netflix however had a bigger library of episodes, they released a few then it seems as though they just stopped.
I haven't seen The Avengers riff, I need to see that one as well. I think I'm going to watch breaker breaker tonight, with Chuck Norris as a trucker, should be great.

*edit* Apparently I'm watching kingdom of spiders tonight with the legendary William Shatner, tomorrow I will be viewing breaker breaker lol.
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Yeah I have to say that Kingdom of the Spiders was great, I really liked it. Had the ham of normal William Shatner movies but there was so much unintended humour in the plot and story that you just want to shake your head at whoever decided to fund it, but thanks to it's funding I got some good laughs. Tonight it's Breaker Breaker, hopefully Ol Norris doesn't disappoint with his ruggedly crappy acting.
I love all things MST3K. I started watching it in college back in 1993. I'll never forgive myself for listening to my roommate when they were showing an ep live at school back then. He said "We have time" and of course we showed up too late to get seats. I have seen Cinematic Titanic live a couple of times. Favorite episode is a tough call. Godzilla vs. Megalon maybe.
Been busy the last few days but finally caught breaker breaker, dear lord this movie was rediculous but the riffing was great. The beginning was a slow build up but it doesn't disappoint.
Just watched McBain, However it's late, I will give an actual funny lowdown on this film tommorow, using this spot as an Edit location, so stay tuned folks cause this was a good one.
Ok folks, I watched McBain, and yup this one was a good one to.
It featured all three familiar riffers, Mike/Bill/Kevin, and I must say if you want to watch it that the movie is rated R and the riffing also takes a few R rated twists with the guys dropping the F bomb a couple of times.

The movie is not about a cop who doesn't play by the rules like in the Simpsons, however it is referenced quite a few times by the guys.
This movie Stars Christopher Walken as a former POW turned construction worker who jumps at the call of Maria Conchita Alonso (The main woman from the Arnold movie Running man, who believes that bras are an abomination to god), when her brother is killed by Colombians.

Christopher gathers a team of old friends, and no they aren't the A team, they aren't even the Eh team, but they love it when a plan slowly congeals together, hell one of the characters wears a Wrestle-Mania hat for 30 minutes of the movie.
Along for the ride is Michael Ironside, who when asked if he can come along the response is "Well we do need a really shitty pony tail".
As you watch this movie you will thrill as an arc welder and a trauma surgeon prepare to take down a drug cartel, you will be amazed as someone is shot with the bungee cord attached to their back because to hell with physics.

Cheer for ear necklace guy and not even realize why, because what the hell, we're in a Christopher Walken action movie!
So I really do recommend this riff, it is hilarious with it's casual breezy warfare, so go on ahead and picket your way through the gunfire to see this wonderful film! :applause:
In case anyone reading this is interested in seeing some of the CT stuff, Amazon Prime is streaming 5 movies for free.

Santa Claus Conquers the Martians
Frankenstein's Castle of Freaks
Legacy of Blood
The Wasp Woman
Blood of the Vampires
Bumping this to say that coming this October on the 24th at 8pm est and tape delayed to 8pm pt, at participating theaters, Rifftrax Live: Night of the living dead.  This should be a great one, the live starship troopers was a blast, and this one should too.

Bumping this to say that coming this October on the 24th at 8pm est and tape delayed to 8pm pt, at participating theaters, Rifftrax Live: Night of the living dead. This should be a great one, the live starship troopers was a blast, and this one should too.
Bumping this because the Night of the Living Dead event is this Thursday. I'm trying to recruit friends to come with me.

Look what Joel Hodgson put together:

They reached the initial $2 million on Kickstarter last night which means MST3K is back!!  For every million they raise, they will make an additional 3 episodes totaling 12 episodes at $5.5 million dollars.

Rifftrax isn't involved (but still promoting the site anyway) but Joel has no problem inviting them to participate.

Finally a reason for me to join Kickstater.

Haven't done a kickstarter in awhile. Might have to do this one. I almost feel like this kickstarter news deserves its own thread so that more people will see the news. Can't believe it took the MST3k crew this long to come up with one. I wonder what will happen to rifftrax then, as quite a few of those are actually really good but they too seem to have gone away from their original conception of doing newer releases/movies and returned to riffing on good ol' b movie/ public domain works..

They actually did the Turkey Day Marathon thing on Youtube yesterday that was hosted by Joel (also serving as a boost for the Kickstarter thing). Was nice to watch a few episodes on Thanksgiving like I used to.

3 days left and the Kickstarter campaign passed 4 million dollars.

And a new update:

I stink at creating threads so if anyone wants to create a new one to hype this, then by all means do so.

I'm surprised no one has posted any updates since 2015.  If you contributed to the Kickstarter, check your email because there's a good chance you gained early access to the first episode.

Noticed all the classic episodes were added to Netflix last week. Not sure if that's news or not but I don't think I've ever seen it readily available for streaming like this before.

I watched the first episode on netflix of the original series and was disappointed. It's a real slog trying to get through an episode. The big problem is that while there are some funny jokes here and there, and the movies are sort of funny, they are mostly just bad. And you have to watch the entire bad movie. I might still try the new shows. Another part of the problem is that the jokes in the original series are dated. Pop culture stuff. I didn't get all of them and had to explain others to my kids and then they aren't funny.

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