Tips on how to get Amazon/Ebay/Microsoft money.


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Have you ever wanted to make a few extra bucks online? Would having that money help you advance in your favorite game or purchase the components you need? Read this guide to learn how to save money on online purchases by earning and using giftcards from the most popular and lucrative websites.

Let me start by saying I have made over $300 in Amazon, $100 on Ebay and more 100 Microsoft Point codes than I can count(est. 40000). Plus various game and time codes at a discounted price. Here are the websites I use to subsidize my earnings. 


This website has been my go-to page for 2013 surveys. The surveys here are convenient, self explanatory, and they pay well enough. Internal offers are updated often, as well as a recently credited section that points you in the right direction every time. It's not uncommon to pull $8 to $10 here on a good day. New offers are regular and almost daily, so you can check back often or wait a few days to have a full list of new offers in your inbox. 

The referrals system is awesome, you make 20% of what they make and 5% of your referrals referrals, so that adds up to some serious change. Additionally, their income isn't affected at all.

Cash outs on this site are great. Riot points are overpriced on amazon, so they are a must buy here. Other than that, Ebay, Amazon and Paypal are the popular cash outs on Prizerebel. 

This is my current favorite website so please use my sign up link if you are interested in joining.


This website was the first website where I learned how to make money online and making the majority of my Amazon gift cards.

Signups and surveys offer the bigger points here, but daily internal offers are consistent, and a sure way to build up cents. There are some good swagbucks guides out there, I recommend any one of them to teach you how to use this site. It will be well worth your while to make the most out of the dailies and offers. 

The short guide would be- Daily poll, NOSO, front page offers, Swagbucks TV, external offers, trusted surveys and even tasks can help you accrue to currency. Play swagbucks TV in the background on mute and try to multi-task to switch videos as they credit. You should see results and be on your way to Amazon cards from swagbucks. 

Overall this is a fun website that is easy to learn and has a fair cashout rate. Please use my signup link if you want to join.

3.) Bing Rewards

This is the easiest method to obtain Microsoft points and/or Amazon cards. Simply have/create up to five (5) Microsoft accounts and individually link them to That number is important because having more than five (5) can and will get you banned. Don't worry about that though, you're a Cagger, respect is in our blood. 

Just sign up and do your searches daily, you'll be pulling at the very least $50 a month in Amazon or Microsoft points. I already maxed out my referrals on there, but feel free to sign up and post your own in this thread. 

That is all for now, I will try to bump and stay edited in a proper fashion. I will even get proof when I get my main computer back and running. *Computer struck by lightning, now trying to raise money for replacement parts* 



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Bumping with an update: Ordered 2 sticks of 1 gig RAM off Ebay. Was: $13.98 Paid: $0.00 compliments of Prizerebel. 

I caught some good surveys today, made $4 in 10 minutes.

Protip: Clear out your cookies and temporary files after each survey is credited. This means more opportunities across multiple sites. 

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I made a few dollars today and found this Prizerebel code worth 3 cents to any two (2) people reading this.


Please let me know if you used it with a friendly bump, thanks!

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^ Thank you thank you. 

I reached silver rank today on Prizerebel. I did not know that once you reach silver, you then get 25% of what your referrals pull in instead of 20%. Pretty neat, I can't wait to see what the upper echelon ranks hold. 

Also I think one or two of you guys gave me a referral, thanks a ton! I saw one on Prizerebel, I have to check my other sites for new refers. Let me know if you sign up under my name or PM me. I have the utmost respect for privacy. 

Thanks guys, Cheers. TTFN~

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Alright I'm back with another update. It's the end of July which means the Prizerebel "Genie" promotion for this month is almost through. This month, the genie offered me a whopping 11% return on what I made in the month of July. Right now it's sitting at about a 7 dollar bonus and I hope to get in a few more surveys before it ends. 

My tip for Prizerebel is this, offers and signups are reset all the time so you can do those multiple times a week if they allow it. They are created under different ID's for a reason, to credit you for each time you do them. Which leads me to my second tip which is this, if you don't have any time to do a survey, try to find a promotional signup to do. The signups take a lot less time and are usually abundant enough for you to gain about 2-3 dollars every other day. Don't get wrong, I enjoy completing a good quick survey, but some just drag on and on. A good way to keep it from getting stale is by mixing it up with both offers and surveys. 

As always, stay safe and keep on referring.

P.S.- If I get enough refers, I will start posting the offers that I complete with tips so that you may complete them as well in a no-nonsense fashion. 

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I got a couple more referrals, so here's my earnings yesterday as promised.

McDonalds Houston Study

07-29-2013 Offer $1 cash Smashmuck Champions 07-29-2013 Offer 25 points OFFER_BONUS_POINTS 07-29-2013 Other 4 points VIP Voice - Male 07-29-2013 Offer 40 points Skin Care Giveaway 07-29-2013 Offer 15 points Government Employees 07-29-2013 Offer $2 cash Virtual Piggy 07-29-2013 Offer 20 points My Habit 2013 07-29-2013 Offer 75 points

Keep in mind these are just a few quick signups along with two (2) surveys. Do not ignore the surveys worth over $1 as they are the ones that add up quickly. Always try to qualify for them if you have the time. 

It's pretty straight forward, Prizerebel will let you know how to complete the offers in the description. Most of the time it is a simple e-mail signup, other times it is more complicated to qualify. Either way, they will let you know if you are able to qualify in the offer description. 

That's my tip for today, completing signups and well priced surveys. If you have any questions feel free to PM me. 

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Happy August CAG. Here's a Prizerebel code worth 3 cents to any two (2) people reading this.


If you use the code please bump the thread with your fine self.


3 more cents if you're first or second to get it! Hooking up that PrizeRebel link

PROTIP: 1 extra dollar for every 5 surveys this month. (Tacking on that extra 20 cents per makes the daily surveys more and more appealing.)

Bloody cheers drjones I'm just now checking in. Thanks for the drop. 

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Shouts out to getting Gold rank on PrizeRebel.

Gold offers an additional 25% earnings off referrals and an upgraded 10% off secondary referrals. 

Thanks for keeping me in your refers!

ClipNGoCoupons - $1500 Gas Card08-14-2013 Offer 75 points
Things Remembered 08-14-2013 Offer 35 points
AlertID Sex Offenders 08-14-2013 Offer 25 points
CoolSavings 08-14-2013 Offer 30 points
Find a doc 08-14-2013 Offer 40 points
Fanzzi 08-14-2013 Offer 35 points
ACT kids Sweepstakes 08-14-2013 Offer 14 points
OFFER_BONUS_POINTS 08-14-2013 Other 2 points
MyThoughtCounts Daily 08-14-2013 Offer $1 cash

Just a couple bucks today. Easy signups. Word of advice, prepare to have your inbox spammed into oblivion with these. Essentially you're selling your email to these big wig advertising companies. Alas enjoy, free ebay and amazon is worth it in my opinion. Link

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I've cashed out lots of dosh this month (~$100). The day after I posted this^ I made 10 dollars the next day off surveys and bonus cash.

Link Here if you want to get in on it. Read the survey descriptions under surveys and complete all of them. Also check offers and recently credited. Link again

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Protip of the day: Try doing external offers from matomy. I got one to work for 53 points and it were fast as can be. 


my title is real boring compared to everyone else's.. I might make a mod request to change it when I think of a better title. 

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