Trading In old PC games on Amazon... need some help


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Anybody help with a question?

What's the deal with trading in older PC games? Most of these games originally came in huge boxes with oversized instructions and the actual games placed in normal sized CD cases. Do they still expect you to have the original boxes and instructions with these?

I have a few older ones I'm considering either ebaying or doing amazon trade in for but I think it's rather obvious I no longer have instructions or original boxes (original CD cases, yes).
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If you're selling on Ebay or Amazon you'll get more if the games are complete of course, but unless it's a game like Grim Fandango you won't get a lot for them anyway. Digital services like have driven the prices of a lot of games down like the Gabriel Knight or Tex Murphy series so unless a potential buyer is a collector, they'll go digital. I've never traded in to Amazon so I wouldn't know how that works.
I'll probably just ebay them... trying to sell American Mcgee's Alice and System Shock 2. Trade in for Alice is 14.50 which isn't bad but the average sell price on Ebay is $46, guess we'll see hopefully I can get around $20 since I don't have the manual or front cover of the cd (back cover I do for some reason).
I have traded a few on and they allow you to trade in disc only titles. However, they are still worth very little, I just got rid of them because I was never going to play them again.
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