Upgrading Lenovo Workstation P410, Running Stock Can It Run An Asus R9 290?

Sean Price II

I have an Asus R9 290 GPU and the following PC for very lite pc usage, won't even have internet access.

  • Lenovo P410: Xeon E5-1630 v4 3.70Ghz, 500gb ssd (850 Evo) 32gb(8gb x4/4), Nvidia Quadro M2000, 450w PSU 80+ Platinum, PSREF
Main usage: Will not be overclocking anything, running the system stock as is, but with all 4 DIMMS used(8gb x4), and ideally a 1tb ssd as the primary drive instead of the 500gb ssd, but I do have a quad monitor setup, nothing fancy but they are 1080p monitors.

Basically a high powered machine to organize photos..  You see I have like 4 phones, Nexus 5, Moto X4, Pixel 3, Pixel 4A, and a gang of external usb drives. I want to go thru them all and consolidate all photos and files into an organized structure, in one location (this pc), ideally by year for photos, and by topic matter for any files. Thats it!!

However in that usage scenario I would think the most taxing thing would be running the 4 monitors...

let me know


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just a quick update y'all..
sold the R9 290 incredibly for $200 2 weeks before Black Friday on Facebook Marketplace. 
Using the p520 spec'd out as outlined above as a family WORKSTATION pc
Using the p410 spec'd out as outlined above as a file explorer machine(to organize photos) definitely overkill but it also remains OFFLINE so its my ultra secure machine against all cyber threats and with 18years of memories on it, its priceless. 
bread's done