Videogame Collection All New 1277+ Games + accessories Wii U, Xbox 360 PS4, Xbox One, 3DS, DS, PS3, Wii, PS2, PS1, PSP, NSW, GBA


Not exactly cheapass now but in 10 years who knows....
I am selling my entire new, sealed videogame collection. This includes my almost complete Wii U collection that I spent ($$) the last 3 years building, Including all 166 unique physical games + lots of variants as well as 2 new systems (Zelda Windwaker 32 GB and Skylanders  8GB) and 266* Accessories (Most sealed, American, English and Japanese Boxes). Also included is my 462 item Xbox 360 collection and games and accessories for PS4 (including a PSVR collection and Steelbook collection), Xbox One, NSW, PS3, Wii, 3DS, DS, PS2, PS1, GBA, PSP and Starlink complete collection.
When I started the collection , I saw this as the only way I could ever afford a complete Nintendo system collection. Now I can say I did. Items are stored in 28 large Sterilite tubs ($300) which are also included in this auction . Because of the volume of the collection, I am only doing local pickup only and I am not selling anything individually. Feel free to ask any questions. I have pictures of everything individually and grouped together, more than what I could post on the auction site. Thanks for looking!
I apologize if this post is excessive. I rarely post anything and I doubt I'll have anything this large again.




























































































































































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Added Hori Tekken Tag Tournament Fight Stick (Japanese Box) and Amiibo End Level Display Stand. 7 days left!

I haven't yet as I didn't want to pay $50+ for something I need to read Japanese to use. I have read that it is not hard to use but maybe if I can find it cheap I may add to my collection. I am still looking for items to keep adding to this collection.

added Zelda Breath of the Wild with Pro Controller only option on back cover. Other game already in collection (1st run) shows all controller types (ex. wiimotes) on back cover.

Added Sonic Lost World 1st print holo foil cover. I am still looking for variants (if there are any more). Has anyone seen something that I do not have yet? I am looking for a Guitar Hero Standalone guitar. I have seen one for the PS4 but I haven't seen a picture of one for the Wii U, just stock photos from which I have already been burned once on amazon. Also, I know that Japanese accessories work with American consoles but what about PAL accessories. Does anyone know if they work on NTSC consoles? Any help on this would be appreciated.

added 3 more accessories. I have only add 2 to the count as the pink essentials kit is not sealed. It was advertised as new but box was falling apart when I received it. I haven't seen another one but I will replace if I come across another one. More accessories to coming.

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Just kidding. I’ve wanted to use that Simpson’s quote somewhere.

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Awesome collection.
Added 1 game and 1 accessory. Croods with activity book and american Mario wheel with white wiimote picture (other one was japanese). Found Scribblenauts unmasked with Green Lantern DVD (Coming Soon). 2 More accessories coming hopefully this week. Still looking for sealed Assasain's Creed IV Gamestop and Walmart variants (If there are any left), Rocketfish Wii U Travel bags with tags, sealed Lego Jurassic World w/ Dr. Wu Lego figure, sealed Rayman Legends Gamestop variant, sealed Guitar Hero Live Guitar Only Box, Red and White Tritton sealed box gaming headsets, PDP Wii U Hard cover (Mario characters),  Hori Stylus and Screen Filter Set, PDP Hard cover black w/ mystery brick and bonus 2 replacement stylus, same with Blue mario cover and 2 bonus stylus, Wii Fit U Green Yoga Mat, Wii U Gamepad and Remote Decorative Skin And Screen Filter (New Super Mario Bros U version), Wii U Nerf armor Orange version and Pink version with bonus stylus and anything else I do not have previously listed. Thank you for looking at this.

Added Mario Kart 8 Metal Mario Wii U Wheel (Japan, white wiimote graphic). also coming soon: Tritton both Red and White headsets and Hori Stylus and Screen Filter Set.

Added Scribblenauts Unmasked w/ Green Lantern Dvd Walmart Exclusive. Took over a year to find that one. More accessories coming soon....

I'd love to have enough money to buy this from you. I live less than an hour away too. Good luck with selling this fantastic collection!

I would cry ugly tears and have huge sellers remorse if I had to sell any collection this big. I wish you luck!

Added 1 game and 6 accessories (some sets). Nerf Orange armor new but top seals undone by box damage. More to come.

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