Vikings Season 2 $20 DVD/$25 Blu (10/7/14 Release)



Best to grab these at release for these prices, as always. Enjoy.

The show's incredible, by the way. Marathoned the whole first season in 2 days. And this one has a ten episode allotment (nine episodes for Season 1). 

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What's the cheapest season 1 blu ray has been?
The lowest I saw it at BB was $22 for Blu and $20 for DVD some months ago. I managed to nab the Season 1 of this, Hannibal, and Arrow all on DVD for $40 on eBay brand new sometime over the summer. I have no doubt Season 1 will be on sale for $15-20 again this fall/winter, but new seasons are always a gamble. If you don't get them for the price they drop to around their release, best to wait for the holidays.

Damn I didn't realize there was 2 season. I saw season 2 thinking it was season 1.
Yeah. The covers are pretty identical for the DVDs cause it has the main guy's face in some variation with the show logo. Season 3 won't be due until Feb or March 2015. And the show is the product of the same guy who made the Tudors, and both Elizabeth films (Michael Hirst); he also helped produce the Borgias alongside Neil Jordan. Say what you will, the guy's got a talent for doing historical dramas right.

Just found out season 1 is on amazon prime. I know what I'm doing this weekend. I got hooked on the first episode I saw which was S2E1. I watched it 4 times before S2E2 aired.
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