Vita memory card data problem


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My vita recently started acting up and failed to install some games correctly. They had been sitting on my memory card for a while without getting and install. When they failed to properly work I deleted them. The games gave error codes or simply failed to be deleted on the first attempt but I managed to get rid of them after I hit delete two or three more times per game. Recently when I tried to re download one of the deleted games I was told my memory card (32 gig) was full. I though that was odd because I hadn't even finished installing all of the games I had before my vita started having problems. I checked the content manager on my vita and it appears that I now have 7.7 gigs of "other-system use" data occupying my memory card. This seems incredibly unusual and I have no idea how to clean it out. I am about 70% of the way to a platinum trophy in persona 4 golden so I'm reluctant to try anything that would reset game saves. Can anyone give me any advice?
You can upload any game saves to the PSN cloud... provided you have an active PSN account. If not, you can copy the data from the card onto your PC. For the upload to the cloud, just go to your Content Manager icon on your vita and it is self explanatory from there. I have never done the data to PC, so I can't help there, but if you google both, there are detailed instructions for both methods. After you do one of these, you can probably reformat your card and it will be good as new... (hopefully).

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Thanks Danny boy. I uploaded all my important data and reformatted my memory card. The extra gigs of other data are now gone. I am now redownloading everything.
Make sure you save your data before trying to find out the issue. There is a risk that you might lose your information. I went through this kind of dilemma. I wanted to install a game, but it crashed in the middle of the installation. It seemed weird, so I decided to re-download it—bad idea. Two days passed, and it still didn't work. It kept failing. Trying to fix the problem, I ended up losing all my data. Thanks to the platform I recovered all my information. I am happy that I got everything back without losing any important personal information.

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